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Planting by the Signs of Moon

Planting By The Signs Of Moon

Have you ever listen about planting by the signs of the moon? First of all, it looks sounds very strange, but as we look into back then we came to know that our ancestor mostly predicts seasons and weather condition by astrology. Even some well-informed planters used the position of sun, moon, and constellations to manage their livestock and crops. It is also known as lunar planting.

How lunar planting evolve?

In the 2nd century, the first astronomer Ptolemy arrange the celestial events to the weather, tides and also with the seasons. The grower almanacs to whom we accustomed today evolve star charts and evolved it with center incorporate ages. Around the 16th century almanacs used natural astrology to create predictions of weather and farming. By the mid of 18th-century almanacs were highly profitable and second only to the bible in copies sold annually. The most famous was published by Benjamin Franklin and was called Poor Richard’s Almanack.

What is lunar planting?

Behind everything, science is involved. In older times mostly farmers used this practice of planting by the signs of the moon and claiming that their effort ends up with the bigger and tastier harvest. The gravitational pull by the moon increases the moisture within the soil at the time of the new phase of the moon to the full moon, so it encourages the germination and growth of the plants. The tides are highest at the time of the new moon and therefore the full of the moon known as waxing, and even they thought that as the full moon pulls the tides within the oceans it also pulls upon the water within the earth. Moreover, the increasing moonlight creates balanced root and leaf growth.

It is also said that the seed will absorb more water during the full moon and therefore the new phase of the moon when the moisture is pulled to the soil surface. This causes seeds to absorb water and enhance the enzymatic activity in the seed which leads to swelling of the seed coat of the seed and ultimately leads to greater germination and helps in better establishment of plants.

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Moon phases take into account by gardening:

While planting seed according to the moon, there are two periods of lunar cycle which take into account. The time between the new phase of the moon and also the full phase of the moon (the waxing of the moon), and also the time between the complete moon and also the new phase of the moon which is also known as the waning of the moon. It is considered best to plant certain sorts of plants during the waning of the moon and other types during the waxing of the moon.

Here I will provide you a chart, which tells you about the impact of different phases of the moon on plant growth and what to plant during these phases.

Moon phasesImpact on plantWhich plant species grow
New moonIt increases the lunar gravity which helps in the germination of seeds.Always prefer above-ground crops that produce seed outside the fruits. The annual above-ground plant species with outside seeds are lettuce, spinach, celery, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower.
Second QuarterIn this phase, there is less lunar gravity and more moonlight which help in strong leaf growth, a good time to plant is two days before the full moonPrefer above-ground annual plants with a seed inside like beans, melons, peas, squash, peppers, and tomatoes.
Full MoonThere is high lunar gravity in this phase and moisture is being pulled towards the surface of the soil due to high tides. It is a good time for transplanting and pruningAlways prefer plant root crops such as potatoes, onions, peanuts, bulbs, beets, and carrots
Fourth QuarterLess lunar gravity and moonlight are required. A general role is not to plant anythingCultivate, prune, transplant and harvest. Mow the lawn, remove weeds, briars and poison ivy.

Moon impact on geotropism:

The moon also affects plant growth by geotropism. Which tells us about how plants grow in response to gravity. Roots always grow downward in the direction of gravitational pull and stem always grows in the opposite direction. You can see this behavior more prominently in the potted plant. If you plant the bulb incorrectly with the pointed end down. It will turn around and send its shoots upward even though it is in total darkness.

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When to plant by the moon sign: the four elements and planting tips:

Here are four basic moon sign which acts as planting guide in lunar planting are Earth, Air, Fire, and water. On a monthly journey around the earth, the moon passes through all twelve signs of the zodiac. Each of the zodiac signs is associated with one of four elements. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are belonging to water signs. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are associated with earth signs. Planting is mostly done in Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, and cancer which are the best suitable sign for all planting and transplanting of above ground bearing crops.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius belong to air signs and Sagittarius is under the sign of fire. Air and fire signs are considering not suitable for planting and keep the soil barren so it is time to skip the planting and focus on weeding and pruning. The sign of Libra is an exception to the rule because it is semi fertile and known good for blooming herbs, flowers, tubers, roots and vines. Prune fruit trees during a fire sign. Always done weeding in the sign of Leo because sow seed would not sprout and prefer fourth quarter fire sign for preserving fruits and vegetables.

If you want to cultivate root crops such as carrots, turnips, and potatoes for best yield according to the lunar calendar then prefer Capricorn sign for planting. Above-ground crops like annual flowers and vegetables are said to be a benefit for planting while the moon is in cancer.

It is a very simple rule of thumb in the garden by the signs, you should plant when the moon is both waxing and in a fertile sign, done weeding, tilling and harvesting when the moon is waning and in a barren sign. One more tip to remember do not plant on Sunday because it is designated as a fiery, barren day and not suitable for planting regardless of what sign it is under. On the other hand, always prefer Friday blessed for planting and plants which grow under these days will ultimately give a high harvest with good quality.

Moon movement around the astrological sign and their impact on planting:

Here is the following astrological sign with their impact on planting.

Aries: It comes under fire element and also known as fruit sign. Preferably grow vines and fruit trees and harvest roots and fruits for storage. Cultivate prune fruit trees and prefer to destroy weeds and pests.

Taurus: it comes under earth sign and preferably known for root planting. It is a moist and productive sign. It is good for roots crops and potatoes, especially for the hardiness stage. It considers good sign for transplanting leafy green vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage.

Gemini: it critically comes under air sign and known for flower blooming. It is a barren and dry period, so harvest roots and fruits for storage. Cultivate dry weeds and pests. Melon seed shows good germination under this sign.

Cancer: it is a water and leaf sign that brings fruitful and moist season. The best sign for all planting and transplanting of above ground bearing crops. It is the most preferable season for grafting and irrigation along with pruning, irrigation, and fertilization in the fourth quarter of the season.

Leo: It also under the influence of fire and fruit elements. Perhaps it is a very barren and dry period but you can cultivate and prune fruit trees. It also facilitates harvest and storage. It is the most suitable time to destroy weeds and pests in the fourth quarter.

Virgo: It comes under earth element but it facilitates barren and moist land. It also favored flowers and vines especially medicinal plants. Divide and transplant perennial flowers within the third quarter. Prefer to cultivate and destroy weeds and pests within the fourth quarter.

Libra: It is semi-fruitful and moist and good for planting and roots crops with pulpy stems like kohlrabi in the third quarter.

Scorpio: it is best for sturdy plants and vines and good for transplanting. Grafting is done in the third quarter while pruning and fertilization did in the fourth quarter.

Sagittarius: This sign is best for planting potatoes, onion sets, and fruit trees. It also facilitates its harvest and storage.

Capricorn: This sign is good for grafting, pruning to promote healing and for application of organic fertilizer.

Aquarius: it is best for harvesting roots and fruits for storage and also preferably good to destroy weeds and pests.

Pisces: It is the second-best sign for planting and transplanting. Especially good for root growth and transplanting in the third quarter. Prune, water, and fertilizer in the fourth quarter.

Hopefully, now the lunar calendar facilitates the planting according to the moon to get a high yielding quality harvest.

What started as a personal experience to improve my overall health by growing my own food has turned into a mission to share my experience and my own research. Growing your own food and eating healthier food is something that everyone has to try.

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