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18 Fast-growing vegetables that gives you a quick harvest

Fast Growing Vegetables For Garden

When you start eating home grow fresh organic vegetables. In no time you become addicted to their taste and it became a test for you to wait for harvest the home grow vegetables. In this article, we will tell you about the vegetable who required less time for their growth.

Different vegetables have different growth rates which depend on their degree days required which required to complete their different stages of growth. To get early or quick healthy vegetable always selects those vegetables which complete their growth in a short period. This article will help you to know about fast-growing vegetables.

Argula (Eruca vesicaria ssp. Sativa):

Argula is a wonderful little green plant that has a peppery flavor. We grew it previously at our old homestead. It absolutely gives your salad a delicious taste. Argula is also known as the rocket. The rocket name given not because of quick growth but because the name is derived from the Italian word for green is bruschetta. It is simple to grow just sow the seed as leave become mature just harvest them. they complete their growth in 20-40 days. In hot summer they moved to the reproductive stage so quickly so try to cultivate it in shade.

Spinach (Spinacia oleracea):

Spinach is one of those vegetables which every grower grows in the early stages of gardening because it is simple to grow. You just need a nutrient to enrich soil which is full of macro and micronutrient. Sow the seed in rows which are 30cm apart and maintain 2.5cm apart plant to plant distance. As the seedling grows then rough out with 20cm distance. Spinach shows quick bolting under hot weather condition which results in turns the leaves bitter. Always grow under light shade or under moist conditions. After 4-6 weeks the leaves of spinach grow enough to give a full harvest cut.

It is delicious in taste as you add them to your salad or even you cook them properly.

Baby Carrots (Daucus carota):

Baby carrots are delicious in taste, an excellent snack, are great to cook with and do not take as long as full-sized carrots because they do not ought to grow to be as large. If you want to enjoy early carrots, then always chose early baby carrot variety. They are ready to full harvest in 30 days.

You can sow seed into the pots of potting soil, spreading the seed thinly over the surface, then cover the seed with a thin sieved layer of potting soil. Always sow seed into drills spaced of about 15cm apart. After covering the seed, water them properly. Always harvest the carrot at right time otherwise it become oversized due to excessive growth which ultimately affects the quality of carrots.

`Baby Carrots

Radishes (Raphanus sativus):

Radishes are one of the fastest-growing plants that you can choose for your vegetable garden. It is simple to grow. After 35-40 days it is fully mature for harvest. There are different varieties of having unique colors, shapes, and flavors. The seed of this crop is often sowed into the prepared ground of potting soil. Sow the seed of radish with 2.5cm apart. Sowing small batches every few weeks until the very end of summer will offer you a never-ending crop of the peppery roots.

The seedling will pop up within three to five days. If necessary, thin the seedlings so that the roots have enough room to expand. Keep the bottom of the container free from weeds and water in dry weather. Harvest the roots before they get enough large, once they can turn woody in texture and become overpoweringly hot.

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus):

Cucumber is a very versatile plant to grow. You can make many delicious dishes from them, even you can eat fresh as salad. They had a great addition to different fresh salads. Cucumber is easy to grow and only one plant will produce armloads of the crunchy, refreshing fruits. Growing cucumbers on trellises and along fences allows for efficient use of space. Always water the cucumbers to avoid moisture stress, which might cause bitterness. Once fruits set, they develop quickly within 50 -70 days of planting. Harvest every few days to forestall oversized fruits that will be seedy and bitter.

Beets (Beta vulgaris):

Beets are one of those vegetables that either you wish to eat or not, but though you do not just like the actual beet itself, you will enjoy the greens that come from the plant. Side by side it is a rich source for sugar which can be extracted through different extracting machinery.

It is a good vegetable to grow if you wish to have a harvest during a hurry. It is good to grow within the spring or once we are heading into fall because they will withstand a hot day, but they do not withstand under super-hot days of summer. If you plant beets, you will be able to harvest them in around 50 days. However, the green portion of the beet plant will be available for harvest in about 30 days.

Bush Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris):

Bush beans are one of the favorite kind of beans. They grow beautifully in the garden. They are easy to store in the form of canning beans and they also produce a quick harvest. If you like tender green bean then always grow bushy bean variety. Sow the seed directly into the soil which is enriched with the essential nutrients required for the growth of the plant. After some day seed will germinate into the green bushy plant by continuous watering and sunlight. After 40-65 days the first harvest of the plant gets ready.

Bush Beans - Fast Growing Vegetables-min

Bok Choy (Brassica rapa subsp. Chinensis):

This is a Chinese cabbage that does not form a head and is grown for its tender white stemmed green leaves. Its leaves can be used in stir-fries and soups. Always pick the individual outer leaves which often like silverbeets by slicing the base through a knife. This crop can be ready in around 60 days. There are two types of Chinese cabbage. Bok choy forms tall narrow heads with thick white stalks and deep green leaves. This leafy green is popular in salad and stir-fry. Most types of this easy to grow vegetable plant are able to harvest 45-50 days after planting. Bok choy prefers sun and maybe a good plant choice for indoor vegetable gardening.

Lettuce (Lactuca sativa):

Lettuce is such a versatile plant. There are so many varieties to choose from because they have different flavor and crunch with each one. It is hearty, it can grow in colder temperatures to produce a mature harvest. The mature harvest can be ready in 30 days.

Sow the seed very thinly by using drill space having distance 6-10 inches apart. After placing the seed cover it with gently pat the soil over the seed. Always water along the row which keeps the soil moist and weed-free. If you grow them in hot summer, then cover the plant with appropriate shade cloth to reduce the temperature for germination and good growth of the plant.

Summer squash (Cucurbita pepo):

Summer squash is maybe one of the amongst my favorite vegetables to enjoy during the hotter months. It tastes delicious, is simple to grow and produce quickly too. Many varieties of squash, including zucchini, are usually ready after about 60 days. To enhance the flavor always harvest the squash once they are small. After harvesting, if you get ample zucchini then turn them into healthy zucchini noodles which are also known as zoodles.

Always directly sow seed into the quality soil then water them to get healthy produce. Picked young and tender, these delicious member of the squash family are great tummy fillers. I harvest zucchini when they are just 10-12 cm long in around 60 days. Give these vegetables a little room and they will produce a wonderful harvest.

Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus):

Okra is another favorite vegetable of mine. It has two varieties of green and red available in the market. They are similar in taste only differ in color. At the time of cooking red pod turns to green. It only takes about 50 days to produce a mature harvest. It is among the foremost heat-tolerant vegetable species within the world. It can tolerate soil with heavy clay and intermittent moisture, but frost can damage the pods. For cultivation, the seed is soaked overnight before planting to a depth of 1-2 cm. it prefers a soil temperature of a minimum of 200 C for germination which required for 6 days to 3 weeks. Seedlings require ample water for their proper growth. The seed pods rapidly become fibrous and woody and to be edible as a vegetable. One thing to remember always harvest when it is immature usually after one week of pollination.

Kale (Brassica oleracea var. sabellica):

Kale mustard and watercress are delicious in taste, super healthy greens that are fast-growing. Leaves could also be blue, green or burgundy in color and ruffled, curly, deeply cut or flat in form. Its color and flavor improve with cool weather. Most varieties take about 50-65 days to mature, but baby leaves are picked as early as 25 days. Kale is one of the fast-growing vegetables which is also a cold-tolerant plant. In some gardening zone, it will be grown almost all year round. It is simple to start out directly outdoors, but it needs plenty of water because drought makes its taste bitter. Harvest leaves from the skin of the bunch and still let the plant produce for several weeks. Always harvest outer leaves and permit the middle to still grow.

Pea (Pisum sativum):

Peas are little powerhouses. They will be low in calories, but peas are jam-choked with a surprising number of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Peas are high in micro-nutrients, vitamins, fiber protein and minerals that provide us with a good range of health benefits.

Peas are annual vegetables. Best eaten raw and now the plant before their natural sugars communicate starch and lose their sweet flavor. Sow seeds after pre-soaking for fast germination in cooler months. Snow peas do not compel to fill out like podded peas. Some varieties mature fast like Oregon pea ready for harvest in 60 days while sugar snaps ready for harvest in 56-58 days.

Broccoli rabe (Brassica ruvo):

It is also known as broccoli raab or rapini. Rabe resembles broccoli but it is actually more closely related to turnips. The trick with broccoli rabe is to harvest the clusters as soon as they appear because they will open to flower fast. The leaves and stems of broccoli rabe are also edible and taste best if harvested young.

I prefer broccoli rabe because it likes colder weather. It is refreshing to be able to grow something green when the temperature is still cold outside. It is ready for harvest in just 60 days.

Green onion (Allium fistulosum):

Green onion is also a very versatile plant. For cultivation, you use onion bulbs. These bulbs take around 6 months to produce full-size onions. But you can get green fresh stalk in about 3-4 weeks. These are delicious in taste and used as a garnish for soup or added to stir-fry as well. So if you cannot wait for 6 long months and you need something green, fresh and also packed with onion flavor then you can have it in less than a month.

Green onion, Fast growing vegetables for garden

Turnips (Brassica rapa subsp. Rapa):

Turnips are another vegetable that is amazing because you get two products in one plant. Turnip produces a bulb that has a very unique flavor. It is an old-fashioned vegetable that provides a great yield at the time of harvest for the home gardener. It is both root and leaves for eating purpose but not every variety give these two products simultaneously. It is the least fussy plant when it comes to temperature conditions and can be planted through the entire growing season in many gardening zones. Pick the roots when the plant is tender at around 2-3 inches and harvest the leaves when they are young.

Fast growing vegetables

Cress (Lepidium sativum):

Cress is another exclusive green plant that is popular recognition for its peppery flavor and simple for cultivation purposes. It is often grown all over the winter season as a delicious microgreen. For growing purpose prepare the soil with all essential enriched nutrients then sow the seed directly outdoor and harvest them as soon as leaves are about 2 inches in size. You can sow alternatively each week for continuous harvest when the weather turns to hotter summer you find that its peppery taste becomes more strong.

Cress (Lepidium sativum)

Mustard Green (Brassica juncea):

Mustard green is another green vegetable that requires plenty of water for its proper growth. If it faces drought conditions, then it turns into an unpleasant bitter taste. Like lettuces and other green vegetables, it is sensitive to heat and performs best in early spring and after mid-summer season. For protection, you have to cover it with shade.

You can harvest these colorful spicy leaves when they are young in 30 days or less and got mature in around 40-60 days depending on the variety. You can often harvest them in just 3 weeks. The seeds of this crop start germination very quickly and these leafy vegetables are ideal for adding a peppery flavor to salads, soups, and stir-fries. It has different varieties having different growth rates. Osaka purple got ready in 40 days, red splendor in 40 days and garnet giant ready for harvest as baby leaves in 21 days and to full mature size in 45 days.

Now you have 18 different fast-growing vegetables to start your own organic garden. You can grow these vegetables in different growing seasons according to their given season. In this way, you enjoy home fresh vegetables all around the year.

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