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How to Get Rid of Spider Mites in Cannabis?

How To Get Rid Of Spider Mites In Cannabis


Spider mites infestation is the worst nightmare of any cannabis farmer, especially one who's experienced and knows what they can do first hand to their plants.

One awful thing about these tiny little beasts is their underlying tendency to thrive anywhere unnoticed and breed like greased lightning. If no deliberate attempt is made to get rid of them in your garden, spider mites can completely wipe out everything you've worked so hard for. And leave you with practically nothing to show for the regular efforts you exerted in keeping your weeds alive for harvest. 

But, how do you quickly get rid of spider mites on your garden, if you're already suffering from one, without wasting so much of your time?

This and more are what I'll be talking about in this article. So, relax, because it's going to be an exciting and informative read all through.

How Can Spider Mites Damage My Cannabis Plants?

To fully grasp how spider mites can gradually damage your plants if allowed to, you must first get an idea about your plants' biological system. 

Typically, plants usually store or transpire, as the case may be, the water they need through their leaves. Plant leaves have what is called stomata. The plants use this part or organ for releasing or storing water. Stomata are valve-like structures that open and close, depending on the environmental conditions around. When the stomata are locked tight, it helps the plants to retain water properly. 

It is this support system that plants need to grow healthily. When this is attacked, especially by those tiny little things called spider mites, your plants will seize to have the delicious nutrients they need to have to grow and thrive through till they're ready for harvest. 

And how do spider mites do this? They feed on this delicious fluid by piercing their sap-sucking slits into the surfaces of your plants' leaves through to the plants' cell walls to suction the delicious liquid to fill their belly. In the process, they damage these cell walls and create tiny spots all over the surface of your plants. 

This fluid should normally be retained inside your plants. But if they're lost to spider mites, your plants' leaves will eventually dry up and fall off. 

Activities, your plants would detect that something's going on, and some dangerous little pest is trying to get away with their vital fluids. When they recognize they don't have enough fluid to go by, they immediately shut their stomata close. But this is not usually enough sometimes, as the deed has already done; the spider mites have already been able to puncture different holes through their cell walls, and that's why you'll see lots of white and yellow spores scattered all over your plants' leaves.

When two-spotted spider mites, as they also called, feed on your plants' leaves, they usually disrupt your plants' ability to photosynthesize properly, weaken their immune system, and cause them to grow thirsty more than usual.

If two-spotted spider mites are left uncontrolled, they can ultimately damage your plants and take over the whole garden. Your plants gradually grow weaker every day until they are unable to sustain the torture. They may eventually die in the cold hands of the tiny but outright deadly plant pests, and that's what I can wish for any great cannabis farmer who understands the importance of farming.

Why Are Spider Mites So Hard to Notice Quickly?

I thought you would ask this question too. 

Well, this is because;

  • They look so tiny, not more than 1 mm, and do not seem to show themselves often. They are so little that the wind can easily blow them off, from one plant to another. This is why you need to be wary of collecting and tending your friends' plants. And even if you have to, quarantine them somewhere else and don't place them close to yours. 

You might also want to get a magnifying glass that you can use to check the in and out of your garden thoroughly. 

  • They nest right underneath leaves were, they also seem to breed in high gear. One female two-spotted spider mites can singlehandedly build her own colony, even without a male counterpart to fertilize her eggs.

But like criminals, who go against the law to fulfill their selfish desires, spider mites also seem to leave detectable traces too. 

When they start sucking on the delicious juice in your plants, the leaves' surface will show tiny yellow and/or white spots. This is a sign that your plants are deficient in the plant nutrients which they need to survive and grow well into harvest and which, of course, your "invited" guest are sipping on without your consent or that of your plants.  

You might notice another sign before the yellow/white spots are silky spider webs you might seem to have already seen on the underside of your leaves. 

Yes, they are not harmless webs; they might be a telltale sign that you have spider mites on your farm. Early detection is also necessary to be able to curb their rapid reproduction as soon as possible. When they start breeding, getting rid of them completely may be a lot more complicated than it should be, typically, if you had detected them early enough. 

How Can I Get Rid of Spider Mites in My Cannabis Garden?

The question of how you can get rid of spider mites from your farm is a really common and controversial one that indoor cannabis growers seem to ask every time. This is because spider mites are a common pest for cannabis. 

Completely stamping out spider mites can also be quite tricky, mainly because of how they seem to reproduce at an extremely rapid rate. 

Nevertheless, there are still different pests control techniques you can take to remove them from your farm totally. 

Like people say prevention is better than cure. If you can try as much as possible to keep your plants away from this dangerous pest, they'll be safe and fully ready for harvest in no time. They'll also be able to grow normally and produce the most significant yield you can ever think of: that's if you tend them properly anyway. 

But for someone whose farm has already been infested by the mites, "prevention" would be far from possible to accomplish. However, it is still entirely possible to get rid of them on your cannabis farm.

The best technique for completely eradicating spider mites is the usage of spider mites killer, or miticides, as they are popularly called. Miticides are expensive, but they however, offer a quicker and more effective way to deal with spider mites on your farm.
(Read about my Top 10 Spider Mite Killer I previously wrote)

But before going ahead to kill them completely, you have to drastically reduce their numbers first, so that killing them eventually with a spider mite killer won't be as entirely as difficult as may seem to be.

One traditional technique for you can use, for this number-reduction-before-miticide-use activity, is high-pressure hose watering. Red spider mites seem to only thrive well in warm and dry environments, and you can make them very uncomfortable when you constantly wet the underside of your plants' leaves and clean them thoroughly.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, spider mites are tiny that the wind could easily blow them away from plants. This could be a good thing for you, too; you can get a fan fixed close to your plants to blow breeze on your farm. 

Adequate air circulation or exchange can also be great in preventing pests in your cannabis farm, especially in avoiding spider mites that seem to thrive better in hot and dry environments. When your grow area is warm and moisty, it might create an uncomfortable environment for spruce spider mites and eventually send them packing from your farm. 

Using a fan to provide adequate air circulation also reduces the level of heat around your grow area, causing it to be somewhat inhabitable for the tiny little monsters. 

You can then go ahead to spray with a spider mite killer after you have considerably reduced the numbers of these pests on your cannabis farm. 

You might also want to take the type of spider mites killer you purchase into consideration too. 

While picking a miticide, you should not just go for any miticide that you may find online or in any store nearby. There are organically certified miticides you can always use on your cannabis farm. Toxic miticides tend to damage your cannabis plants by turning them yellow over time. In fact, they can eventually kill your plants if proper attention is not given to their management. 

Below is one affordable and highly effective spider mites killer you can use. This product is also organically safe for cannabis plants. It doesn't toxically affect cannabis. So, you don't have to worry about your plants drying up and dying up (I felt like doing a bit of rhyme here, but I do hope you got my point).

●     Neem Bliss

Neem Bliss is one of the completely affordable products that you can use for quick spider mites control and eradication. This miticide is 100 percent organic. It's even listed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) as "safe for organic farming."

Neem Bliss is chemical-free and made expressly from a natural product: It is 100% neem oil. These oils are said to have been collected from the neem trees in Asia and specifically cold-pressed to avoid contamination.

Neem oil immediately kills the pest once they make contact with it and repels others with its aroma.

Neem Bliss' Azadirachtin component disrupts the breeding rate in spruce spider mites and also hinders them from maturing and continually reproducing like the do.

To use this miticide, mix in water and shake vigorously. You can then directly spray on the underneath of any tormented leaves on your plants. Make sure to cover all and then wait to see the wonder it performs.

Many growers have used this product and testified to the all-around effectiveness it has in riding different plant farms of red spider mites. This is also your time to get rid of those tormenting pests from your farm! 


Prevention is the best way to avoid any encounter with the spider mites. 

You must invariably create the perfect environment for your plants and avoid taking in new plants into your grow area immediately, not until you are sure they're not going to transfer pests to your existing plants anyway.

Some of the ways you can prevent pests altogether are;

  1. By constantly cleaning your grow area. You can also regularly check your grow space thoroughly to be sure nothing terrible is happening unnoticed.
  2. To avoid transferring these spider mites to your grow area, thoroughly clean yourself too before going inside your grow area or near your plants for that matter. It may sound excessive, but yes, it's one of the best ways to prevent any pests from thriving on your farm.
  3. Make sure you have adequate air circulation in your grow area if you're growing indoors.
  4. If you're growing cannabis outdoors, building a cover over your plants, through which air can pass, is another way to prevent pests. It blocks wind from blowing spider mites into your farm.
  5. Also, maintain an average level of humidity in your grow area. Spider mites don't survive well in environments that are not dry and hot. So keep the grow area uncomfortably warm and a bit damp for them.

If you're able to do all these things, you shouldn't expect to have spider mites on your farm. 

However, if you notice any, because anything can still actually happen anyway, do not hesitate to do the needful by killing them immediately: before they take over your farm from you!

What started as a personal experience to improve my overall health by growing my own food has turned into a mission to share my experience and my own research. Growing your own food and eating healthier food is something that everyone has to try.

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