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A Complete Guide For The Best Hydroponic Grow Kits

A Complete Guide For The Best Hydroponic Grow Kits

Before moving towards the hydroponic grow kits, first, you should have some knowledge about what is the hydroponic system and how does it work. In this article, I will give you brief know-how of the hydroponic system its works and different kits available in the market.

What is Hydroponics?

It is the art of growing plants by using water and nutrient without the use of soil. Mostly plants grown with their roots simply move downward into nutrient-enriched water. Rather than some plants need a little support. For this purpose, instead of roots being left in water alone a non-soil component such as coconut husk and perlite is provided in which the plant roots grow and spread.

How does hydroponics work?

In it, water enriched with all the essential nutrients required for the proper growth of the plants. Then plant cuttings, seedling or seed are placed about that water tank. At the early growth stages when radicle is short the water is sprinkled over them by using an upthrust pump. After sometime when the radicle elongate it comes in contact with the water medium directly then uses an air pump which provides oxygen to the roots of the plants otherwise they logged water which ultimately causes plant death.

Hydroponics is gaining in popularity because it implies that any plant can be grown anywhere. All you would like to try is to maintain the right temperature, sunshine or shade that they need. Virtually plant is often grown using hydroponics because they only need nutrients and water to grow. In nature soil merely acts as a sponge that holds or suspends nutrients within its structure. The plant does not need the soil itself to grow just nutrients suspended within it.

Hydroponics kits:

There are several hydroponics kits available in the market and each kit has its own features.

Akarina starter pack:

This starter pack cost about 224.46 $. It includes a 1×0.5 g pack of gourmet loose-leaf salad seed with a 100ml bottle of liquid nutrients. It consists of removable three culture trays which make seeding and irrigation application easier and an LED light with an automatic timer and dimmer function. It is easy to connect and play for the beginner indoor gardener.

It is also one in all the foremost aesthetically pleasing kit which we tested and work well in any room as a lamp. It also comes with gourmet looseleaf salad which excels in a very hydroponics system and takes around 40 days to grow. Young plants only need watering once per week. Towards the tip of the growing cycle or during a heatwave as we tested recently, you will have to upthrust the water twice per week, so it requires more attention than a number of the opposite kits we tested.

The setback of the kit: Every day it requires light for at least 16 hours and might get quite take the touch, but it may be adjusted turned off or dimmed if you favor.

Due to the white exterior, discoloration from algae is more noticeable. Akarina required refreshing the water within the culture trays and wiping them down with a cloth if it becomes excessive. It has a total of 3 models which are available in the market the older ones are cheaper in rates.

Seed pantry grows pod:

It consists of three seed packs of different plants like Italian basil, a basket of fire chili and neat cherry tomatoes along with the advanced growing medium. Its size is smaller than other kits. It can grow pod 2 which could be a simple and affordable kit and also place nicely on a desk or windowsill.

The grow pod itself looks pretty hi-tech and also the packaging advances. It is 100% recycled. It also aided with adjustable LED light which can be switch on and off according to the requirement. It also had an inbuilt timer, the smart controller which beeps upon watering and also the seed space covers which clip on the highest of the grow pods and space out the plants as they grow.

This kit only comes with enough infused nutrient growing medium for one cycle. For more harvest, you have to purchase more medium. Seed pantry claims to be mess-free but we had some spillages of growing medium and water so ensure the filling pods and watering. In this kit, you have a choice that you have three types of seed you can grow any of them. If you chose tomatoes and chilies which took around 10 days to sprout and take around 5 weeks to grow to a foot high. It also aided with a seed subscription box and a spread of various grow kits including starter kits for kids.

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Harvest:

It consists of six pods gourmet herb seed kit includes Genovese, basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil and mint along with patented nutrient.

Miracle-Gro is well known for its fertilizer and plant care so it is natural that it is branched out into hydroponics. It offers several different models but the harvest, with 6 pods, a red/blue LED system with a timer function and an electrical device that tells you when to feature water and nutrients. It is certainly the elite of the bunch while still affordable. The harvest comes along with a gourmet herb seeds kit, which incorporates pre-sewn plugs featuring Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil, and mint grow domes for maximum germination and a full season of liquid medium.

The kits are easy to assemble and use. It is particularly just like the adjustable light panel which might be moved up and down because the plants grow taller, the pre-sewn plugs which might be placed straight into the unit and are mess-free and therefore the inbuilt pump which is used to circulate the water several times on daily basis to forestall sediment buildup for the healthier plant roots.

Disadvantage: a controversy is encountered with these kits is that the parsley and thyme did not sprout. Side by side both species of basil grew much faster and taller than the others which eventually block the sun rays for the mint and other stunted growth plants. The basil also grows taller than the light panel and burnt where leaves touch the sunshine.

Vaxer grows kit:

It is a new sensation in the era of hydroponics now a day. This kit comes along with many plugs, growing medium and nutrients for multiple cycles, but in it, you have to buy seed separately. This kit takes a bit longer to line up because it arrives flat packed and must be assembled and also requires you to germinate seeds during a nursery box before planting. It is a touch fiddly to replant the fragile seedlings which are grown on plugs made of stone wool into the hampers with pumice stones without damaging them. We did not plant the plugs deep enough and roots are exposed which meant the plants could not support themselves.

Once the seedlings are replanted as there is a water level and a funnel to form topping up easy. The LED light means you will be able to grow all year round, it does not include an integrated timer. In it, the plant grows well and quickly but they can become overcrowded so it is best to use fewer than the eight provided grow pots and spread them out. Ikea also sells a two-tier version.

Alicja Patanowska Plantation hydroponic plant grower:

It comprises of four different ceramic pots which will be placed in or under a range of standardized drinking glasses. It is good for growing plants like garlic, onion, potato, herb or avocado or the right solution for rooting grafts.

These kits allow both stem and roots to be seen therefore the entire process is often observed. Each pot may be turned the wrong way up to make a mini-greenhouse ideal for germination. Nutrients are not provided but they will, in fact, be used. The pots also include detailed instructions for each category of the plant. It is an efficient method for growing plants and for experimental tests. you will be able to grow a small plant in it. Their assortment on shelves also looks very great.

Hydromerce grows tub:

The grow tub contains everything you like to start with a straightforward lettuce growing system. It takes only some minutes to line up and is cheapest on the kit list. It is the simplest design and easy to use. It comes with enough seeds, Rockwool plugs, and nutrients which lasts for five cycles, producing a complete of 10 lettuces and much more than any of the opposite kits we tested.

It is also aided with a sole kit to produce a pH reduction solution and testing strips. The pH of water tends to be a bit high for optimal growing and this will be detrimental to the plants’ ability to soak up nutrients. Hydromerce recommends testing the pH weekly and adjusting as necessary which is not complicated but it had an additional step compared to other kits.

The grow tub does not include a lamp but they require lots of light and heat, so you will have to purchase one if you do not have an acceptable space for the growing plants. Be aware of algae. To control algae, you have to use tin foil to forestall light hitting the box in hydromerce which is able to reduce algae growth. It is always advisable to keep the nutrients in a black bag and during a dark space like a cabinet because the combination of nutrients and lightweight can cause algae to grow.


It also consists of a growing medium, pipette bottle with liquid nutrients and seeds which include basil, chili pepper, cherry tomato, and coriander. Botanium could be a smart plant pot that automatically applies water to your plant more than one time in a day which ultimately enhances the growth of the plant. The storage tank lasts several weeks and features a handy window on one side so you will be able to see when topping up is required rather than submerging the plants in water. Botanium uses a porous growing medium that retains a lot of water without any further drainage from the root system. on the other side, it also provides an aerated environment for the roots due to which it shows much faster growth under a more controlled environment.

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Top Hydroponic Grow Kits Guide (3)

It is most suitable for vegetables or flowers but mostly it is recommended for dwarf varieties that would not outgrow the container. For this kit separate seed are available along with it. Those seed packets include a handy instruction for a way to plant and maintain the proportion of light and nutrients needed for proper growth and the proper proportion required at different stages of plant growth.

The drawback of this kit:

One of the major setbacks of this system is, it does not consist of growing light, In summer, this does not require an excessive amount of light is present but if you do not have a sunny place in your house to place the kit then you required an extra lamp for the growth of the plants or you can choose those plants which grow in winter.

Harvy cultivation box:

It formed by the collaboration between nelson garden and hemmaodlat. It is one of the largest kits which we used. It is 80cm long having the space of 6 plants in it. It is perfect for a windowsill because the LED light may be fixed to the glass with suction cups and can be moved p and down as plant growth.

The kit comes with six sewn plugs made out of peat and coconut fiber and containing lollo rossa lettuce and Emily basil with a 250ml bottle of liquid nutrients. There is a range of other sewn plugs available, or empty ones so you’ll be able to grow your own plants. When the plants start sprouting, they’re very delicate. Be aware as you accidentally broke the stem of 1 and it eventually stopped growing.

It is a large and heavy kit so be sure to fill it when you have found a good spot to place it. Nelson garden also has the claim that the box can be used daily for many years and all elements of it can be recycled.

Grow green hydroponic tube:

It is a benchtop tube-shaped hydroponic system having the space of six plants. This kit also comes along with an external pump which helps to save water and prevent the sedimentation and algae buildup by circulating the water medium through them. It is recommended to leave the pump on for 12 hours a day.

It does not include an LED lamp so it must be placed insufficient sunlight. The tube itself is double-layered which provides thermal insulation to heat and cold. The kit comes along with 12 sponge plugs but it is recommended to initiate germination on a humid piece of kitchen paper which is placed in a plastic box before transferring to the tube which may be quite fiddly.

Now what are you waiting for?, select appropriate hydroponic kit and enjoy fresh healthy food at home.

What started as a personal experience to improve my overall health by growing my own food has turned into a mission to share my experience and my own research. Growing your own food and eating healthier food is something that everyone has to try.

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