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Hydrofarm hydroponics system review

Hydrofarm Hydroponics System Review

Are you trying to grow plants and veggies without soil? Do you think it is impossible? Well, not anymore! You can learn about the hydroponic and how it does not require soil for growing plants. If you are looking to explore a bit more about hydroponics, you are in the right place.

My review of the Hydrofarm hydroponics will clear all the doubts that you have. This Hydrofarm hydroponic review will provide all the necessary information you are looking for. Now, with this review, you can start growing plants hydroponically. 

What is Hydroponics? 

Do you think it is weird that plants can grow without soil? Does it sound unreal? Well, that is not the case. Let's talk about it scientifically. The plants undergo the process of photosynthesis to grow, and the chemic substance that is present in the leave, called chlorophyll, along with the sunlight, helps the plant to grow.

 With is process, the plant converts the gas in the air, which is carbon dioxide and water into glucose and water. This process does not state the need for soil, which makes it clear that the soil is not required for the plant to grow. However, we know that the plant can get water and other nutrients from the soil easily, which why we observe the method of growing the plants in soil. However, with the process of hydroponics, you can grow plants without soil and with water. So, the simple definition of the process of hydroponics is to grow plants without soil. 

System Specifications

  • Dimension: 22" x 22" x10"
  • 7-1/2-gallon reservoir
  • Water level indicator
  • 15 5- inch pot
  • Automatic flood and drain irrigation
  • Weight: 32.4 pounds

System Pros And Cons 

Here are the main system advantages and disadvantages


  • Easy to assamble.
  • The Hydrofarm hydroponic system is super easy and convenient to use. The water level indicator will provide you with the necessary information about the level of water. 
  • Some people use the same system for over 7 years!
  • You can change the water once a month, and the growth of the vegetables using the hydroponic system will be a lot faster. 
  • pH level kit and the instruction manual that comes with the Hydrofarm hydroponic. 


  • Some who bought claims the Hydrofarm hydroponics system leaks a bit.

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What makes the Hydrofarm hydroponic the best option? 

Easy and simple method: Hydrofarm hydroponic is an easy solution, whether you are a new urban farmer or not. You can use the Hydrofarm hydroponic to grow the plants to grow faster and in a more natural manner. While you are trying to introduce a new and more natural process to your farming techniques, the hydroponic is the best. It is not only comfortable but also super fun. 

More yield: This Hydrofarm Megagardening system offers a 4 square foot garden space, and you will see at the return is around five times more than the standard garden space. The better and higher yield adds an excellent benefit for the people who are using the Hydrofarm hydroponic. 

Faster growth: With this Hydrofarm Hydroponic, you can grow the fruits, vegetables, and plants a lot faster. The growth speed of the plant using this process is five times faster than the usual farming processing. And therefore, you will have a five times greater yield of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, all this process does not require any soil. 

Healthy growth: This system ensures the growth of healthy fruits and vegetables with required moisture and with the flood control as well that make sure the vegetables are not getting more moisture than needed. This controlled process ensures the growth of healthy plants. For healthy roots, this Hydrofarm hydroponic has a precise cycle for optimal moisture control. 

Why should you buy the Hydrofarm Hydroponic? 

Below are the reasons to buy the Hydrofarm hydroponic. If you are trying to enhance your farming techniques, you should try this no-soil method as well. 

• This Hydrofarm hydroponic comes with the PH test kit that provides with all the information regarding PH, and you can accordingly control the PH for healthier growth of the plants. 

• If you are still not clear about how to use this Hydrofarm hydroponic, you will get the instruction manual that has all the necessary information about the product. With this instruction manual, you can use the Hydrofarm and check how it works. 

• You find the flood and drain irrigation as well that will prevent the plants from excessive moistures. This controlled and optimal cycle for the water provision helps the plants to grow better and faster. Also, the roots of the plants are healthier as well. 

• This Hydrofarm has the 7-1/2 gallons water reservoir that provides the water to the plant without any hustle. There is a water level indicator as well that will help you know if the water level is less than required. This way, you can refill the water to ensure the process does not stop. 

• This Hydrofarm hydroponic is super convenient and does not require you to put in a lot of effort. There are fifteen 5-inch pots as well to plant the vegetables and other plants. 

• If you have an indoor garden, this Hydrofarm hydroponic will be your most valuable asset in the indoor garden to grow fresh vegetables. 

• The Hydrofarm hydroponic is super convenient and easy to use. So, the people having the home garden do not have to worry about setting up and watering the plants every day. 

• You do not require to add any harmful chemicals or fertilizer to grow healthy plants. The Hydrofarm hydroponic will take care of the growth of your plants. You just need to have an eye on the water level indicator. 

Hydrofarm-MGSYS Hydroponic System

How is Hydrofarm hydroponic different from all the other hydroponic systems? 

If you think what is so different in the Hydrofarm hydroponic system compared to the other hydroponic systems, I will tell you the details of how the Hydrofarm is a lot different than others. 

The most significant benefit of this system is the water reservoir that has a capacity of 7-1/2 gallons. You can store water in the tank. This way, you will not have to refill water every time. Moreover, there is a water level indicator as well, that will tell you how much water is left and if the system requires more water. The submersible pump that is present in the Hydrofarm hydroponic along with the flood integration lets controls the excess moisture. So, do not worry about the health of the plants because of the excess water; the hydroponic system will take care of the excess water or the flooding situation. 

How does the Hydrofarm hydroponic work? 

If you are planning to get the Hydrofarm hydroponic system but do not know where to start? I will tell how this system works, and you do not have to worry, neither does it require a huge list of steps. The Plants are suspended in a pot filled with the hot, humid, and steamy air that is perfect for the yield of healthy vegetables and growth of plants. Moreover, the nutrients from the soil are dissolved in water instead. The pump inside will regulate the water level, and the nutrients and the PH of the plants as well. Hydroponics is super convenient and straightforward, but it is conditioned to the hydroponic system you pick. 

How high should I fill the water? 

The only thing that you need to care about is the level of water. There is a water level indicator, as well. While you are filling the water in the Hydrofarm system, make sure the pump is adequately covered. You need to change the water every once in a month, and when you change the water, make sure you drain water from each of the 15 pots to make sure the growth of the nutrients is better, and the roots are healthier. 

Benefits of Hydroponics system 

  • The hydroponics system does not require any soil or any harmful fertilizers. And this results in healthier vegetables and plants as well. Due to the increasing pollution, the soil is contaminated at times and can be detrimental to grow plants and vegetables. But you can use the hydroponic system that does not require any contaminant. 
  • You can grow plants with the hydroponic system in your indoor garden, and you do not have to arrange a massive space for that. The hydroponic systems are space friendly and do not occupy an ample space. 
  • With the hydroponic system, you have the incentive of growing the vegetables all year long regardless of the climate and the weather condition. 
  • While you are using the hydroponic system, you do not have to water the plants daily, the water stored in the water reservoir will regulate within the plants. Also, this saves you from wasting the water. You can change the water of the hydroponic system once a month. 
  • You can control the pH level of the water quickly, unlike soil that requires a lot of effort to maintain a particular pH.
  • The growth rate of the plants growing through the hydroponic system is a lot faster, and the yield of the vegetables is a lot more than what we get during farming. 
  • Hydroponic is a time-saving method that does not require a lot of effort and manpower. Also, there is no use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. 


Hydroponics is a comparatively new concept for people, but people with indoor gardens prefer this new technique to grow plants and vegetables. Fruits such as tomato and strawberries and other herbs like lettuce can grow faster and in a much healthier manner with the hydroponics system.

The Hydrofarm hydroponic is space-efficient and easy to use a system which helps the user to grow plant faster. I liked the Hydrofarm hydroponics system because of the working of it that super easy, simple, and fast.

Hydrofarm-MGSYS Hydroponic System

What started as a personal experience to improve my overall health by growing my own food has turned into a mission to share my experience and my own research. Growing your own food and eating healthier food is something that everyone has to try.

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