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AeroGarden Farm Plus Review

AeroGarden Farm Plus Review

AeroGarden Farm Plus is a hydroponic garden that can be placed indoors. This hydroponic system is so efficient if you don’t have enough space for a kitchen garden outdoors. If you don’t have enough knowledge about growing and taking care of plants, this might be a great solution to your problem.

While I rarely get enough time to do the things I love like planting my favorite herbs and flowers, I was trying to look for a way I could get time to grow my plants; then, I came across AeroGarden Farm Plus Garden. This hydroponic garden is a lifesaver.
The frequent grocery visits are gone just like that.


  • Size: 36 × 12 × 34 inches
  • Weight: 22 Pounds
  • Color: White, Black
  • Max Grow Height: 24"
  • Display Type: Touch Screen

With AeroGarden Farm Plus, plants can be grown throughout the year, no need to worry about seasons. This indoor hydroponic garden has adjustable compartments. You can grow plants of two different heights on the two sides. The maximum height for the plants should be 24 inches.

The settings of the two compartments are different, so you can put two different configurations according to what you aim to achieve. The AeroGarden Farm Plus has enough space, and you can grow vegetables and herbs that can feed your whole family.

System Pros And Cons 

Here are the main system advantages and disadvantages


  • No soil needed. Grow up to 5X faster plants.
  • Plants grow purely organic.
  • Wi-Fi enabled, making it easy for one to control the farm.
  • Automatic reminders for adding water and plant nutrients.
  • Setting up the AeroGarden Farm Plus is easy.
  • The indoor garden system purifies air in your home, creating fresh, clean air.
  • LED lights assist in photosynthesis hence increasing the growth rate of your plants.


  • Changing the filtered water can be a bit tricky and messy in the beginning.
  • The seed pods are a bit pricy, and they cannot be used to plant other plants, and the pods are changed frequently.

This system follows through a unique method to filter waster and to reach the plants and feed them. The more waste the fish produce, the more nutrients the plants will reach out and get fed.

Moreover, the plant's roots are an excellent filter for the water, and you will not have to use any chemicals to filter the water to make that useable for fish. As long as you provide food to the fish and changes water once in a while, your small aquaponics will work smoothly. 

What Is Included in the EcoLife ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Kit?

The EcoLife Eco-Cycle Aquaponics kit includes all the equipment that you will need to transform a 20-gallon Aquarium tank into a full-fledged flourishing ecosystem to produce healthy organic greens, vegetables, and herbs. The system also includes a LED that is effective in offering the lights that is a crucial element to encourage plant growth. 

ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Indoor Garden System Review:

EcoLife Eco-Cycle Aquaponics Indoor garden system has made the entire Aquaponics process a breeze. By using this simple to setup Aquaponics system, you can grow fresh organics to produce all year long on 20-gallons fish tank with no water changes or any mess. 

Let's see how the Eco-Cycle Aquaponics Indoor garden System work and help users to produce fresh veggies all year long.

Features Of AeroGarden Farm Plus Garden

  • The AeroGarden Farm Plus garden has 60W led lights that accelerate the growth of plants, which increases your farming interest because you harvest your products within a short time.

  • What I like most about all the features of AeroGarden Farm Plus is the ability to control the garden using my smartphone. This garden is a smart garden that has Wi-Fi connectivity. For you to control the garden, you will need to install the AeroGarden App for you to be able to get alerts and manage your garden.

  • No soil or mess is used to grow plants. The plants grow naturally in water.

  • It works as two separate gardens. On one side, you grow taller plants and shorter plants on the other side.

Benefits Of AeroGarden Farm Plus

  • 60W LED bulbs that help increase the growth rate of your plants. The lights designed to offer the essential nutrients required for plant growth. The optimal light also increases your harvests throughout the year, giving you the reason to rely on your indoor garden.
  • WI-FI enabled, which helps you to control your farm using the AeroGarden App, which you install on your smartphone. Who doesn’t want the privilege of owning a smart garden? 
  • Purely organic, there are no chemicals used to grow plants in AeroGarden Farm Plus; this guarantees you good healthy veggies and herbs. 
  • Grow a variety of plants without having to worry about their height because this hydroponic garden has two separate, more separate places where you can plant shorter vegetables. With this garden, you can grow taller plants of up to 24 inches on one side and shorter plants on the other side. 
  • No need for soil or manure to grow your plants. In this hydroponic garden, what you need is water and plant food to grow your plants. 
  • Touch screen display that enables you to adjust settings in the garden. You can use the touch screen or the AeroGarden App to control your Garden. One thing I noticed is that the App works better in tablets than the touch screen because of the big display size; it’s easier for me one to tap the options.
  • No pesticides required to grow your plants, and you harvest throughout because the plants grow consistently. I realized that I could collect my tomatoes every three to four days, while they kept on growing.

On a side note, to add from my own experience, before I got myself the AeroGarden Farm Plus, I was worried about the position I will set up my garden. You see, I have a tiny countertop that couldn’t hold my farm. I decided to set up my garden in my study room, and I was glad my growing machine worked perfectly. The Led lights helped my plants grow in that somehow dark room.

Why should You Purchase This Hydroponic Garden?

The following reasons made me purchase the AeroGarden Farm Plus, and they might be similar to yours:

  • No pesticides.
  • GMO-free. Most of the farm produce we buy in our markets today is full of chemicals that are unhealthy.
  • Excellent experience growing your vegetables!
  • Save money, grow your food instead of buying it.
  • Fits limited space; if you want to grow your plants, then AeroGarden Farm Plus is your solution. I like how I can be able to grow my favorite vegetables and herds in this hydroponic garden comfortably.
  • I like growing plants, but I hate getting my hands dirty. The AeroGarden saved me the stress of getting my hands messy with soil. I love it because it doesn’t require soil.

How Does It Work?

Many people avoid buying AeroGarden because they feel it’s too complicated. On the contrary, the AeroGarden Farm Plus Garden is easy to set up and easy to use also. 

You do not need anyone to explain how to use it. All you need is to study the guidebook that comes with this machine. I like the way the guidebook explains everything to the users. 

AeroGarden works by bringing together all the perfect conditions that are required for germination to take place into a hydroponic ecosystem. The AeroGarden farm plus is designed to grow a variety of plants that have two different heights. 

The plants are not grown in the soil; however, it uses advanced hydroponic technology for the fast growth of plants. 

The following are the parts of the AeroGarden:


The AeroGarden pods assist in the fast growth of the plants, and they designed in a way that allows your plants to get the essential nutrients, water, and oxygen for their growth. The plants grown in these pods are usually light. This makes it easier for the pods to support the plants. The pods contain water that has liquid nutrients that the plants absorb for healthy roots. 


This garden has an inbuilt aerator pump, which aids oxygen circulation in the water, plants, and nutrients. It produces bubbles continually for constant oxygen production. Ensure that the water inside your garden has bubbles at all times because if they don’t, they may die.


I have mentioned the presence of LED lights above the article. These LED lights are essential for the plants because, without enough light, photosynthesis will not take place. The lighting in the indoor garden is automated; they turn on and off, so you don’t have to worry if you forget to carry out that task.  

Control Panel

The control panel reminds you to add the plant food and water. I love the way the control panel is specific; it tells you the exact amount of nutrients and water the plants need.


How Often Should Bulbs Be Replaced?

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Are The Plants Grown in Aerogarden Considered As Organic?

Are The Plants Grown in Aerogarden Considered As Organic?


I love the convenience that comes with this indoor garden. I’m sure you will fall in love with it too.

I would recommend the AeroGarden Farm Plus hydroponic because it is a well-built system. The capacity to hold 24 plants is pretty huge compared to other hydroponics systems.

You can grow your herbs, vegetables, and even flowers without worrying about the harsh weather changes. Enhance your home and also the food you eat and save money in the long run by stop buying the vegetables in the grocery store. Read more hydroponic related articles.

What started as a personal experience to improve my overall health by growing my own food has turned into a mission to share my experience and my own research. Growing your own food and eating healthier food is something that everyone has to try.

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