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Topolite Grow Tent Review

Topolite Grow Tent Review

The Topolite Grow Tent is preferred to those who are interested in growing weed or any other hebs in their houses and not farms, because of its small, compact and efficient design.

The Tent is known to be one of the Best Grow Tent available in the Market.

In the next article, I will try to cover as much info as I can in order to provide all the necessary data for you to make the best choice.

Since this grow tents are already famous for being one of the best, but I still want to list out its pros and cons so that you can evaluate it yourself too.

System Pros And Cons 

Here are the main system advantages and disadvantages


  • Durable and sturdy material used in its body 
  • Lightproof -let no light in, reflective tinted green cloth and durable, long-lasting exterior zippers for safe use and conveniently help the tent fulfill its purpose. 
  • The sturdy and thick metal frame holds the structure strong in place.
  • More than two vents can fit in for better airflow circulation.
  • Its rectangular-shaped vents have mesh for efficient ventilation.
  • Double sewed cloth serves as protection against light leaking. 
  • Easy to assemble, tool-free installation without external assistance.
  • Cleaning the tent is easy.
  • Two stainless steel kits to hinge the LED lights.
  • Thermostat for optimal temperature.


  • You cannot regulate or move the fans in any other way.
  • Spacious, that's why it's expensive, and it may cost you more than many other grow tents. 

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Plant lovers are precisely like all other people who have pets and want to buy all the comfortable stuff for them. Plants also need certain types of habitats to grow well, and indoor gardens serve the best to the owner for this purpose. 

Things necessary to maintain are; the light and temperature, and they should be supervised to meet the needs of various types of plants with the help of indoor grow tents. Plants are tough to maintain when it comes to complete home farming or gardening. There are specific treatments for some plants, and it must be assisted immediately with instruments to take care of these functions, creating a niche for a grow tent. 


Now when you know you're at the right place if you're a plant lover or a garden owner, you might want to know a few things about what is a grow tent and why you might need it?

A grow tent is a tent or cupboard type portable indoor gardening space that allows you to improve your desired plants healthy and happy.

No one wants to hurt their beloved ones, even if it's a pet or plant. Sowing a plant to see it wilting and dying can be very disappointing. So many of us want to own a garden full of fruits and flowers, but very few can maintain sustainability.  

These tents are kinds of rooms for helping different types of plants such as flowers and vegetables to grow properly. We can be a little specific by talking about Cannabis plants. Cannabis growers can increase their yield and can employ this impressive idea to enlarge their business.

It works in a manner that firstly, it makes sure that light inside the tent is wholly reflected out of the fabric of the tent, which is barely possible in a standard room. Secondly, it maintains the temperature of your plants, regardless of the season or temperature outside, and keeps them warm. It does not waste the light that's produced and saves energy-giving another reason to call it environment friendly.  

These tents are mostly entirely sealable. There is reflective equipment on the interior side that is used along with the existence of other electrical components that are providing the safe electric supply and temperature maintenance inside the tent. 

It is a pretty well-designed product by the manufacturer that on the indoor side of the tent, users can apply hydroponic systems in plants as well.  

It is not bulky and heavy to carry and move. It is made very lightweight, and the exterior is fabric covering. This fabric will provide you access to ventilation and other electrical equipment to make your growing process more convenient. 

Now when you know that grow tents provide a stable environment for plants to grow, you might want to buy one too, and this can become a big reason that you need a grow tent to assist you in growing your plants to their best. 

Specification Of Topolite Grow Tent:

  • Certified grow light, which uses about 300W of power. 
  • 4" filter ventilation kit to remove odor.
  • Dimensions of the darkroom are 24 "x24" x48.
  • User-friendly "Full Spectrum" design enables you to grow your plants from any growth stage like germinating, seedling, vegetating, flowering stage. 
  • Environmentally friendly materials use charcoal-based activated. Carbon and the thickness of the Carbon Layer are; 1.5 inches.
  • Heavy-duty as it has a 600D lightproof oxford cloth, and its diameter is 16MM along with white paint coated to prevent rust, metal rods, and Large, heavy-duty Zippers that close it. 
  • It is known for best heat dissipation, and this allows Best Stability and durability. 


Material, Lining, and Frame

The material used for the tent can be depending upon the manufacturer's preference, so if you don't find it satisfying, you can spend some extra money to get a higher quality lining, just like light might go out of the lining. You don't want this so you can get a certified light-tight to prevent leakage of the essential light out and unwanted light inside.

You might have to consider the quality and capacity of the frame to hold more significant sized light's. 

TopoLite Hydroponic Grow Tent

The structure might not be strong enough to hold the new light, so check this thing before relying on it. Steel frames are best and more sturdy. If you're too precautious, you can also check the frame connector's quality so that it won't fall off because of pressure. Silver of white reflective lining works best. 

Seams and Zippers

The tent comes with high-quality, heavy-duty zippers preventing light from escaping the system.

Zippers and seams are known for causing most of the complaints related to tents. They are not only responsible for light leakage, but they also create stress failure points. 

You might not want to buy a product with bad quality seams and zippers. Because I personally would like an easy environmentalist me when I'm in the middle of the work. Functional and high-quality zippers and seams provide hassle-free access to the interior. 

Vents, Ports, and Fan

It can fit multiple sizes of vents, which enables high ventilation. 

The exhaust is a must thing in a grow tent. Also, intake ports must be present at the top and around the bottom. Ports are also necessary for electricity and cables. 


The filter is a must thing if you want to remove the odor. Multiple filters can fit the system.

Energy efficiency 

It is energy-efficient grow system that comes with the LED output of 600 watts, and the frequency of the lights is 50/60 Hz. These bulbs are essential for the plants to keep them well-fed. It is a stable system that provides power stability. Also, the addition of the heavy-duty zipper along with the robust stitching that does not let the light escape from grow tent. 

Size matters

While you are planning to get the Topolite, the size of the indoor tent matters as you need to pick one according to the space available in your apartment or condo. The size 63 x 32 x 32 inches is a perfect one for the limited space available. 


Keeping in mind the convenience of the user and the limited space available, you will not like the mess, odor, or clutter. And to fix the odor issues, the grow tent has the 1.5-inch carbon layer. 

This carbon layer and the coal-based filter acts well to make the grow tent odor-free. For the added convenience, there is a robust fan as well to help with the odor. Also, you will find a plastic tray that is waterproof in the grow tent that will keep it mess-free and help with the easy clean up without any hustle. 

What Makes The Topolite Grow Tent The Best?

It has many more features that make it stand superior from its equivalents. Apart from the main functions and specifications, it includes three vent holes in its outlook, a good quality strong zipper lock, and a velcro closure fixed upon the two windows situated at the base of the tent.

These windows are constructed to make you able to see your plant growing daily or regularly quickly; they can be considered as the observation tools so that you can keep an eye on the growth of your vegetation. 

There's an inner lining with a green tint that has a function to filter out white light and prevents the white light from harming your plant's sleep/wake cycle. Along with that, you don't have to go and disturb them by opening the window to check them. Instead, you can see them without causing any interruption.

This allows the good and undisturbed growth of the plant without dissipating its energy and provides the plant with a stable and comfortable environment.

It also provides the fundamental requirements of photosynthesis, making a complete growing environment.  

There's another significant point that most of the hydroponic growing system has a compulsory need for a grow tent.

It has so many aspects to prove that it is way better and constructive than a standard room for your plant's growth. After evaluating the features and specifications, it becomes evident that with its durability, regulatory systems, accessibility, and user-friendly set-up, it makes it one of the best growing tents for your hydroponics system.

TopoLite Hydroponic Grow Tent

Why should you buy the Topolite grow tent?

What I find super attractive is that it is only 80 inches tall, 48 inches wide, and 48 inches large, which makes it perfect and suitable for apartments and small houses.

But I believe you can not be judging it by its size and smart design only; it is also very efficient while working and will boost up the speed of your plants' growth process, saving you a lot of your precious time. It is readily available in my most preferable color, black color, and it is made up of a material which is a reflective and robust fabric that traps light inside it and not lets it escape out.

It is claimed that it has waterproof Mylar in the interior and 600D lightproof oxford material used in the exterior. The whole of its body is constructed and supported by a metal rods frame painted with white color paint to protect it from rusting, and the rods are connected with a plastic connector.

However, light leaks can cause so much damage to your plant because it causes the unnecessary interruption of unwanted light from the outside, harming the growth of your plant by disturbing it through its dark cycle. Light leaks will also let the good light of the inside, which is a source of food, to go in vain and make plant food-deprived. 

This can severely damage your yield of the plant. One person in 2017 reported the leak, but it was fixed by the company immediately, and it never showed up again. This reassures that Topolite is no loss.  


Are there all sorts of setting accessories provided? 

How much can the dark cycle be covered with the light?

How long is the ducting provided?

Bottom Line:‚Äč

I have compiled all the necessary information about the Topolite tent that you can study to choose from various sizes, designs, and other indoor grow tent gear. Selecting the grow tent would not be hard to decide at all. You might want a 360 grow tent for your indoor. It has a robust frame that will last longer, and the durability of that grow tent is incredible as well. If you are looking for a long term solution for growing high-quality vegetables, cannabis, or any other herbs, this is an excellent solution. Read more related articles here.

TopoLite Hydroponic Grow Tent

What started as a personal experience to improve my overall health by growing my own food has turned into a mission to share my experience and my own research. Growing your own food and eating healthier food is something that everyone has to try.

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