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Cree CXB3590 Review

Cree CXB3590 Review

 CXB3590are are utilized for many horticulture software as a simple method to find a good deal of light quite economically. We normally stock the Maximum group/bin accessible 3500K is the most popular colour temperature and functions good for flowering while being able to veg most crops For solderless wiring of CXB3590's please utilize the Perfect 50-2303CR

CREE CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

  • 【Reputable World-Famous COB LED】This dependable CREE CXB3590 LED grow light with sunlike 3500K whitened COB can create an ideal complete spectrum with wavelength 380nm~780nm, close to sunlight, appropriate for indoor hydroponic greenhouse plants seedlings veg & flowering all point growing, can substitute the HPS 400 watts & imitation 1200W Blurple grow lamp nicely, but just consuming 100watts.

  • 【Reputable Extended Lifespan LED Driver】The complete range COB grow light usage dimmable MeanWell Driver, can adjust the light intensity because your need. Suited to seedlings veg flowering all point growing lighting.

  • 【High PAR/PPFD Output】Like additional indoor plant lights, nearly 40% lights can not cover your crops, this COB grow light utilize a efficient 90-degree glass lens, focusing on the lights, get 40% greater yields with same electricity. Not only create high PAR outputsignal, about 2876umol @ 8inch, 1378umol @12inch and 497umol @18inch, but also keep a massive footprint. Seedlings footprint is 5 x 5 feet, Veg footprint is 4 x 4 feet, Flowering footprint is 3 x 3 ft. Perfect for 3 to 3 ~ 4 x 4ft tent.

  • 【Great Heat-Dissipation Without Noise】Except trusted MeanWell LED Driver, this COB LED grow light use large heat-sinking without heating fan, no noise, creates the CREE CXB3590 COB LED working in a low temp under 60C° even in 100watts power, obtaining a longer lifespan, over 100,000 hours.

  • 【Quality Assurance】We're an expert LED plant grow light maker with powerful R&D staff and lots of light emitting. 24-hour expert support centre, 30 days for complete refund or free replacement, 3 years warranty and technical assistance. In case you have any queries and aren't happy, please don't hesitate to contact uswe will try our very best to resolve it. 
  • Canagrow 400 Watt CREE CXB3590 COB Grow Light Characteristics

    This review concentrates on the 400 watt version for its particular amounts, but everything written here goes for its 600 watt, 200 watt and 100 watt CREE CXB3590 COB LED lights too. The gaps in specs could be observed from the table above.

    Uses 320 watts save approximately 50 percent on your electrical bill over HID lights

    Equivalent to a 600 watt HID system but costs much less to function and generates much less heat, also

    Fantastic spectrum for plants close to real sunlight

    3 foot heart protection using an even light spread, because of the Four COBs being far apart on the fixture

    CREE CXB3590 COBs finest LED processors on the market

    Meanwell driver best driver on the market

    Dimmer lets you dial back the electricity and Conserve energy when full power Isn't required

    Daisy chain join several lights together and operate them by one socket

    Rated for 50,000 hours 4-5 years with no bulb varies

    CXB3590are are utilized for many horticulture software as a simple method to find a good deal of light quite economically. We normally stock the Maximum group/bin accessible 3500K is the most popular colour temperature and functions good for flowering while being able to veg most crops For solderless wiring of CXB3590's please utilize the Perfect 50-2303CR.


    The largest benefit of this Cannagrow lights would be the excellent parts. Chief among them would be the CREE CXB3590 LEDs, the Meanwell drivers as well as also the German-made WAGO connectors.

    Along with becoming made and so are less likely to collapse, the CREE COBs additionally provides a fantastic range and an extreme light. Their setup on the Canagrow fixture also makes for a more even light spread throughout the policy area.


    The CBB3590 chip-on-board LEDs emit a full-spectrum white light with a shade temperature of 3500K. That's a somewhat warm white that's ideal to flowering, but also works good for vegging.

    In summary: it's a fantastic light for each and every phase of plant growth.

    Nevertheless, I favor fixtures which use full-spectrum white light and add to it using supplemental diodes. The Phlizon COB series, for example, utilizes CREE COBs and nutritional supplements with smaller diodes that offer added blue and red light to get an additional boost.

    In addition they add UV and IR light, which this CXB3590 fixture totally surpasses. This spectrum is excellent, but lights which use the exact same, or comparable, all-white COBS and supplement them with added light that crops desire, have a much better spectrum.

    When looking at a chart that defines the spectrum, you find the gap more clearly. These CXB3590s in their supply light like sunlight, but with slight peaks on blue and red.

    An light with supplemental diodes has bigger peaks on blue and reddish and slightly less light between (yellow and green ). Additionally, it extends farther on the surfaces of the chart, in the UV and IR ranges.

    Have a look at the benefits part of my Aglex COB string inspection to get a spectral chart of such a light.


    The design of these lights is a little misleading, but much less than other Chinese manufacturers. The 400w light, by way of instance, utilizes 320 watts, maybe not 400w. I wish they can call it a 320, but other Chinese manufacturers call their lights using similar wattage draw a 1000w or a 1500w light.

    So Canagrow will be a little more fair, which can be refreshing. However, I consider the misnaming a drawback.

    I touched the spectrum over, though I don't consider it a drawback in any way, which explains the reason why I coated it at the benefit section. However, as stated, it may be better.

    The 3500K COB spectrum is excellent, but some additional diodes providing additional blue and red light will make it better. Some UV and IR wouldn't hurt either. Other businesses unite CREE COBs with supplemental diodes very efficiently, and I believe doing this will benefit this light too.

    Things To Remember when Deciding on a Grow Light

    Total Spectrum

    For crops to grow nicely, they need a specific assortment of light spectrum. Outdoors, organic light in sunlight supplies plants with a complete spectrum due to their growth. Inside, LED grow lights supply plants with optimal light wavelengths. This best range is often called PAR (photosynthetically-active radiation).

    This spectrum has wavelengths between 400nm and 720nm. Plants normally use red light (620nm-700nm) and blue light (400nm-500nm) wavelengths at the greatest concentrations. Because of this, the operation of COB LED grow lights ought to be quantified in connection with the PAR rather than humans. A useful device called a PAR meter can help you assess the PAR output of your grow light.

    The Size of Your Grow Area

    If your grow area is 5X5ft, a COB LED grow light with 3X3ft coverage will not have the ability to offer adequate light to your plants. Your plants must be well educated from the light so as to grow and thrive.

    Ultraviolet (UV) Light

    Most grow lights in the marketplace have hardly any chips using a UV spectrum for legitimate reasons. A high quantity of UV light can be damaging to the crops, damaging their physiological procedures and threatening human beings too. Most grow lights feature a little quantity of UV that is safe for crops. UV light may make plants really powerful.

    Dimming Feature

    COB LED grow lights which are dimmable permit you to correct the light based upon the growth stage of the plants. As they germinate, the light may be dimmed to a minimum to encourage growth at the point. Very bright light in this point might slow down growth and harm crops.

    As the crops grow, the light can be increased at every stage since they can endure the brightness with no chance of harm to their growth.

    Cooling Method

    All of COB LED grow lights feature a cooling system, and rightfully so. But heating systems are distinct. Decide on a light using an inbuilt aluminum heat-sink, strong enthusiasts, an air outlet and an inlet. These maintain the light trendy and protect against overheating, which might damage it. Additionally, the air around the crops stays cool and also their growth procedure isn't affected.


    The costs of COB LED lights vary as day and night. You may be tempted to obtain a less expensive light, but can it fulfill your individual requirements? Start looking for a light that provides the very best value for money.


    The Canagrow 400w CREE CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light uses exceptionally large quality parts to offer you among the most trustworthy lights out of any Chinese manufacturer span.

    The high quality and high profile COBs also provide a fantastic spectrum (although it may be improved upon with supplemental diodes), a fantastic output and a number of the very best canopy penetration you'll be able to purchase from LED light.

    In general, these three Canagrow lights have a Grow Light Info score of 4.6 out of 5. This is just for the 5-CREE COB lights. The other lights around the Canagrow merchandise page don't utilize exactly the exact same high quality parts. Because of this, their evaluation would be far lower. Obviously they also cost much less.

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