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Best (TOP) 300W LED Grow Light Review

Best 300W LED Grow Light Review

According to their name, LED grow lights are luminaires using LED chips in a modern and effective way to make light for growing plants. LED grow lights are available in many shapes and sizes but as the most necessary components of LED grow lights LED chips have the majority of the influence on the level of the light, i.e. spectrum (colors) and photon flux ("brightness") produced. Since LED grow light producers can pick the LEDs they utilize in their lamps, it's important to understand which sort of LED grow light best matches the particular application. Among the benefits of LED grow lights compared to conventional lighting solutions is the ability to match the light to the requirements of plants.

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Like most new technologies, the range in quality and prices of LED grow lights is broad, and that could make choosing your very best option How do you choose one of all of the LED grow lights and find the best one for you and your plants?

Here are a few of the main things I have learned from working with LED grow lights, written in language that is meant for plant-people. If you are new to LEDs, I hope that this can accelerate your learning curve. And if you are an expert, please discuss comments that could also help people that are only entering this remarkable new grow light age.

What Light To Pick?

Are you wondering what type of grow light you want for that indoor growing experience that you want to begin so bad?

With the recent explosion of hydroponics, indoor growing, as well as the LED grow light industry, it is not surprising that there are a slew of businesses in the industry right now. And with so many possibilities, making the ideal choice can become quite a hassle really quick once you scroll past dozens of lighting choices.

So, so as to make your task of choosing the right LED grow light for your backyard a bit easier, I have decided to make it my job to examine the hottest LED grow light offerings available in the marketplace.

Today I am reviewing one of the most accessible generic offerings. They've been around for quite a long time and have established themselves as among the most common go-to options in the introductory sector.

Which Are LEDs And How Do They Work?

LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) are small electronic components made from two unique kinds of semiconductor material, one with a negative charge, called electrons, and the other having a positive charge, called holes. When voltage is correctly implemented over an LED, electrical current starts to flow through it making holes and electrons begin to collide releasing energy in the form of photons, light quanta, in a process called recombination. The first LEDs had relatively low light output and limited collections of colours while contemporary LEDs have high brightness and come in all varieties of colors in visible, infrared and ultraviolet spectral ranges.

What's the Effect Of LED Grow Lights On Plants?

Color variations of this LED grow lights are directly linked to the intended function -- various studies have demonstrated that certain colours influence plant growth, affecting origin and flower formation (blue and red light spectra) which practically means that nearly all plant sorts will finish a normal growth cycle when subjected to both blue and red grow lights. Adding different colours into the spectrum, such as green, far-red and deep-blue helps this process by giving plants more information about its surroundings and overall leading to higher quality plants (faster growth, more secondary metabolite accumulation etc). A spectrum which has all colours is called complete spectrum and largely resembles the sunlight. If it's high proportions of green, the light will appear white to human eyes and while not a vital element for plant growth, it will make the job around these lights simpler and makes visual inspection of the plants potential.

Selecting a Grow Light Form -- Grow Bulbs vs. Lighting Fixtures

In case you swap out the bulbs in an existing light with special grow bulbs, or if you purchase a brand new fixture with built-in lighting? It all depends on what you're looking for -- cost and convenience or specialized quality.

Grow light bulbs would be the cheaper option. For most people, it is a lot easier to use also. Just take an old lamp or ceiling light which requires bulb replacement, and soda in a specially-designed grow bulb.

Grow light fixtures are more expensive, but they provide a more holistic solution. A single fixture can offer the illumination for numerous plants, dispersing the lighting evenly throughout the room. Because these fixtures are especially designed for grow light functions, they tend to supply a fuller light spectrum range than more economical light bulbs.

What Color Light is Best for Plant Growth?

Violet-blue light in the 400 -- 520 nanometer range promotes chlorophyll absorption, photosynthesis, and growth.

Red light in the 610 -- 720 spectrum ranges promotes flowering and budding.

Grow lights should offer the appropriate spectrum of light for photosynthesis, which key to plant growth. Before buying a light, make certain to check out the supplied color spectrum. Lights that can offer a complete spectrum are the best choice for your growing space.

This is where LED lights come in handy. Most LED growing lights provide both kinds of colour spectrum lighting, which means that you can receive all the advantages.

Suggestion: Violet-blue light promotes plant growth and red light promotes plant budding. LED grow lights may look strange, but they contain both types.

Best Grow Lights - My TOP Picks:

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 300W LED Grow Light, with Daisy Chain

  • 【UL Certified】Lighting SAFETY is equally as significant as EFFICIENCY. The V300 for a whole is UL Certified. It satisfies UL strict testings and security criteria to ensure safe performance. Fire-Resistant reflectors reinforces the light penetration, NO DANGER! VIPARSPECTRA is a reliable brand in the lighting sector by offering the very best customer support with safe and quality products.

  • 【Optimal Spectrum】The key to VIPARSPECTRA's achievement is best full spectrum lighting that supplies plants in all phases from veg to blossom with everything they want from the natural sunlight. This causes larger buds and greater return all while saving you on power costs.

  • 【Outstanding Design】Sturdy durable structure with weatherproof iron casing. Suitable for every growing stage. Updated aluminum heating heat sinks and innovative high speed silent fans are fantastic for heat dissipation. The daisy chain attribute helps growers to join numerous lights collectively with fewer sockets.

  • 【Coverage Area】Comparable to conventional 250W HPS/MH while consuming just 130W! Fantastic for a 2'x2' vegetative policy at 24" and 1.5x1.5' flowering policy at 18".

  • 【Worry-free 3 Years US guarantee 】We're a professional manufacturer which specialized in LED grow light for several years. Products' caliber and expert customer service are always our Best worried. We provide 3 Years neighborhood guarantee and 30 days money-back guarantee. In case you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll give you professional advice that will assist you and your crops grow much better. 
  • BLOOMSPECT Upgraded 600W LED Grow Light with Daisy Chain, Dual Chips Full Spectrum Plant Grow Lights

    • B600 only absorbs 132W±3%, the power of 0.132kW·h per hour to save more money than HPS/MH lamp; Perfect for 2.5x2.5feet grow area while 2x2ft blossom area.

    • Well balanced spectrum of blue, white and red emitting from updated 10 watt double-chips LEDs make more efficient and better higher yields.

    • Multiple vent-holes, large aluminum heat sinks and bass high speed cooling fan are contributed to first-rate heat dissipation.

    • Ideal for all sorts of indoor gardening plants such as lettuce, orchid, organic herbs, strawberries from vegetative grow to blossom.

    • 2 years guarantee and 30 days money back guarantee. To receive warranty service timely, please contact us through Amazon Messages. 

    VIVOSUN 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum with Double Switch for Hydroponic Indoor

  • 300W LED WITH THE MOST PUNCH: VIVOSUN's full-spectrum 300W LEDs deliver optimal light-spectrum coverage, more power for blossom, maximum PAR output at different distances, and super-bright lights your plants will love.

  • EXCELLENT PENETRATION IN TENTS & GROW HOUSES: Floods 2'x2' targets in extreme light for colossal vegetative growth at height of 24" and 1.5'x1.5' targets for incredible blooms at height of 18" that permeate through your upper duplex.

  • COOL, QUIET & EFFICIENT: Using a built-in 5" cooling fan, VIVOSUN's professionally designed composite-metal grow light runs at appropriate temperature and consume just 135 Watts to make your finest, most energy-efficient harvest .

  • LONG LIFESPAN: Exclusive VIVOSUN layout and composite-metal solid casing dissipates more heat than traditional LED grow lights, through the top and all four sides of the unit, extending the light's lifespan to an estimated 100,000 working hours.

  • GUARANTEED QUALITY & RESULTS: VIVOSUN guarantees your satisfaction in veg growth and flowering, backing our confidence with a 3-year guarantee and 30-day hassle-free return guarantee

  • Setting Up an Indoor Plant Growing Area

    How can you get enough light for houseplants and indoor garden areas? Here are three tips on how to best set up your space.

    Consider your indoor garden plot. Whether it is a single shelf, a basement area, or an entire room, look at how much space you have. Pot plants and wedding accordingly.

    Based on the type of plant, set the baskets or trays 4 to 8 inches apart to allow for growth and effortless accessibility for pruning and care.

    You will also want to ensure that you purchase lights that will illuminate your whole plantings area. You will need more than 1 bulb or light source to completely cover your growing region. Based upon the size, you might just have to use just 1 light for houseplants, or perhaps you need more.

    Sprouts flourish under a nurturing lighted environment.

    Few Benefits Of Growing With LED Light

    Plants That Grow Better:

    Alternative light sources emit more UV rays, IR beams and much more heat that are cause plants to dry and burn up. With LED grow lights, these elements which are counteractive to plant growth are significantly reduced. Therefore, plants grown will flourish instead of just survive.

    Moreover, some LED grow lamps make it possible for individuals to adjust the wavelength of light emitted to make sure plants get more of the needed spectrum of light. This will raise the all-around health of the crops.

    Faster Growth Cycles:

    Plants that are grown inside without the vulnerability to environmental cues don't follow routine planting seasons. With LED lights, an individual can provide unique wavelengths of light to facilitate different plant procedures for 24 hours every day.

    This permits the farmer to influence the behaviour and season of the plants. When using an LED light on auto-flowering plants, growers can affect flowering times in plants to increase production. This creates the possibility of having multiple harvests in 1 season.


    Traditional lighting techniques burn filaments, gas or other components to make light. The quantity of heat they create greatly reduces their durability.

    The low heat output of LED lamps significantly increases their lifespan. In actuality, they could last up to 50,000 hours. they're more convenient for growers since it will take years before an LED lamp will have to be replaced.


    LED's can be a excellent addition to hydroponics grow chambers. However, to get a one-stop solution that takes all the plus points of the lights, they're let down from the downsides. While this does not make them a poor light compared to traditional bulbs, they are simply not prepared to be overall replacements.

    This is truer in gardens where anglers want a fantastic spread of light. LED's can decrease energy bills for the period HID lamps aren't required, after which plants can find the boost in growth these HID bulbs still can deliver.

    A double setup for lights might be win-win situation for a grower. But generally, the reply about LED lights working for hydroponics is yes, as longs as growers do not expect miracles that are frequently used as part of their advertising for these new lighting fixtures.

    What started as a personal experience to improve my overall health by growing my own food has turned into a mission to share my experience and my own research. Growing your own food and eating healthier food is something that everyone has to try.

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