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Top Portable Greenhouse Kits for Sale

Top Portable Greenhouse Kits For Sale

Best Portable Greenhouse Kits for Sale

If you’re passionate about horticulture or gardening, you must ponder about having a greenhouse of your own. The majority of gardeners and horticulturists seriously mull over owning a greenhouse sooner or later. A greenhouse comes in perfectly handy for a gardener as the conservatory allows him to the garden throughout the year.

Greenhouses prove to be indispensable for horticulturists as the hothouses enable them to save money, space, and time. A greenhouse is a structure made of glass and is used for growing and housing plants that cannot tolerate cold weather. Also referred to as an orangery, glasshouse, conservatory, or hothouse, a greenhouse works by trapping heat and moisture for plants. 

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By and large, those plant species incapable of withstanding long spells of dry and harsh chilly weather are cultivated in greenhouses. Plants unable to survive and thrive in climes experiencing an extended period of frigid winter feel perfectly at home in greenhouses. You’ll come across greenhouses in a wide range of sizes, with some as small as a shack or hut while a few could be as large as a building.

The framework of a greenhouse is made of transparent material, usually glass, but sometimes rigid plastics like polycarbonate, acrylic, and fiberglass are also used. The transparent material, on the one hand, helps in trapping heat from sunlight, and on the other, the structure shields the plants from the freezing weather. Nowadays, large commercial greenhouses or glasshouses are used extensively for farming fruits, flowers, and vegetables on a large scale.

Are You Considering Installing a Greenhouse For Your Gardening Needs?

Many gardeners look forward to setting up a greenhouse of their own at some stage in their horticultural career. If you’re one such gardener, then you’ll need to have a natural flair for growing plants and adequate space for making the most of a greenhouse. One right way of getting in the groove is by buying a starter kit for constructing a greenhouse in your garden.

You’ll come across a variety of portable greenhouse (starter) kits available in different sizes and a range of prices. You can check out 6-7 portable greenhouse kits based on the size of your backyard and plants you prefer to grow. If you’re shopping for a handy greenhouse kit for the first time, you could get easily overwhelmed by the sheer variety. 

Not all glasshouses or hothouses are created equal, and one type could vary significantly from another in terms of features. Just do not assume that choosing a premium greenhouse will fit in your backyard or cater to your gardening requirements. The earliest versions of greenhouses that generally had a wooden structure with fragile glass windows did not serve as sanctuaries for plants.

Fast-forwarding to the present times, the modern-day greenhouses are available in kit form that comes with everything you require for easy and quick set-up. If you carefully follow the instructions in the manual, you’ll be able to quickly assemble the components, including shafts, shelves, cover, and the framework. Once you’re through with installing the portable greenhouse, you’ll have the leeway of farming your preferred plants.

At the same time, you’ll have the flexibility to unpack or disassemble the kit and resetting it following a change of seasons. In this review of ‘the best portable greenhouse kits for sale,’ I start with a detailed buying guide. This buyers’ guide offers you practical tips on how to choose a portable greenhouse kit that best fits your gardening needs.

After that, I walk you through the reviews of the top ten portable greenhouse kits that you can select from.  

Buyers Guide

How does a greenhouse work?

The very first thing you need to realize before you can start looking for an appropriate starter kit is to comprehend how a greenhouse functions. You’ll be able to make the best possible use of your greenhouse if you have a fair idea of how it works. Greenhouses principally work by trapping or locking in heat, and it is the glazing material (usually glass or fiberglass) that does the job.

The glazing material of the greenhouse has a transparent texture that helps smaller wavelengths of the sunlight to pass through it. The plants sheltered inside the hothouse absorb the heat and light filtering in through the glass, polycarbonate or fiberglass covering. In due course, the vegetation releases the extra heat (and moisture as well) that is not used up for photosynthesis.

However, it is worth noting that this surplus heat has a larger wavelength compared to the wavelength of the insolation. Consequently, this excess heat emitted by the plants remains trapped inside the glasshouse as it is unable to escape out via the glazing material—no wonder a glasshouse or greenhouse is also known as a hothouse.

So a greenhouse sustains the greenery or foliage housed within its interiors by shutting in heat and light to a moderate extent. Those plants which generally are unable to endure chilly weather thrive inside a greenhouse as they feel warm and comfortable. The key takeaway for you is that you’ll always have to opt for a greenhouse cover made of glass, polyethylene film, or fiberglass that facilitates the passage of sunlight and heat entrapment.

Figure out the type of greenhouse that is your best fit

When you get down to looking for your ideal portable greenhouse kit, you’ll come across three distinct types of glasshouses. These are the pop-up, lean-to, and the freestanding or self-supporting greenhouses. We’ll elucidate on these three broad types of glasshouses or hothouses in this section:-

Pop-up or ultra-mobile greenhouses: 

The pop-up greenhouses look very similar to the traditional self-supporting greenhouses but tend to be smaller than the latter. A pop-up greenhouse is designed in an innovative manner that makes its ultra-portable, which is also its USP. The fact that a pop-up hothouse is supremely mobile allows you to set it up wherever and whenever you want to.

On the other hand, the portability of this type of greenhouse also lets you unpack it anytime and reset it at your convenience. The flexibility of a pop-up greenhouse implies that you can install it in the area of your garden that receives direct sunlight. A pop-up glasshouse is not only extremely portable and easy to install but also available in a range of sizes.

You can pick and choose an ultra-portable pop-up conservatory in a size that is suitable for your backyard/grow space. Another noticeable benefit of selecting a pop-up greenhouse is the convenience of storing it during the off-season. Since this greenhouse variety has a compact design and is very portable, you can easily disassemble it and store it safely when you’re not using it.

Pop-up glasshouses happen to be cheaper than the traditional standalone greenhouse or the lean-to hothouse. You should go for a pop-up greenhouse if you’re looking to provide temporary shelter to your plants during fall or spring.  

Lean-to or sloping greenhouses

A lean-to greenhouse is so-called because it is attached to your house and has a slanting roof leaning against the façade. How a lean-to glasshouse is designed does not leave adequate space inside the structure. This greenhouse type is suitable if you’ve just started gardening with a few plants and is not recommended for a veteran gardener.

A lean-to hothouse is undoubtedly not as useful and versatile as a self-supporting orangery and, therefore, cheaper than the latter. And since lean-to glasshouses are less complicated than freestanding ones structurally, setting them up is also more comfortable. For this reason, a lean-to glasshouse starter kit contains fewer components compared to a traditional standalone greenhouse.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the asking price of this type of glasshouse could go up if you opt for high-quality components. For instance, if you choose mahogany or teakwood frames to accentuate your home’s aesthetics, the portable greenhouse kit will become pricier. The most conspicuous benefit of using a lean-to glasshouse is that it absorbs heat from sunlight as well as from your house.

On the other hand, the most glaring drawback of this hothouse type is that it is not at all portable. So, you cannot easily dismantle or take down a lean-to glasshouse as and when you need it. It is because of this downside of lean-to glasshouse that most gardeners prefer to buy a traditional or a pop-up greenhouse.

You can opt for a lean-to greenhouse if you’re on a budget and want to add to the beauty of your home by installing potted plants close to one section. 

Conventional freestanding or standalone greenhouses

The majority of gardeners, both first-timers and experienced prefer the traditional standalone greenhouse, which makes this glasshouse variety incredibly popular. As the name indicates, a freestanding greenhouse is a self-supporting structure, very much like your home.

A standalone greenhouse kit includes parts and components that enable you to create a structure that can stand on its own. Setting up a traditional self-supporting greenhouse in your backyard is like having a new home with its covering and framework. The most common freestanding greenhouse type is the Quonset, which typically consists of arched rafters, and also has self-supporting walls.

The other type of standalone greenhouse, which is also quite popular, is the ridge and furrow structure. A ridge and furrow glasshouse have a covering that is either curved arch or gabled. Freestanding greenhouses, on the whole, serve as commercial glasshouses or hothouses housing flowering, fruit, and vegetable plants over a large area.

Standalone self-supporting greenhouses happen to be the most popular amongst all glasshouse types, and for good reasons. For a start, this type of greenhouse is capable of operating effectively in the clime of any kind. In other words, you can farm any species of fruit, vegetable, or flowering plant in a freestanding greenhouse.

Hence, a self-supporting greenhouse is perfectly suitable for a professional or commercial grower looking to cultivate crops for the market. The unique structure of this greenhouse type offers a lot of space for a growing variety of plants throughout the year. Moreover, the double ridge vents and the wavering side vents facilitate the excellent circulation of air.  

Furthermore, the slanting arch profile helps make the best possible use of the available space for installing hanging baskets and cultivating bench crops. No wonder traditional standalone self-supporting greenhouses tend to be the costliest amongst the three basic types of glasshouses or conservatories. You can go for a freestanding greenhouse kit if you have extensive gardening experience, have a spacious backyard, and sufficient funds.

Decide On How You Want To Use The Glasshouse

The greenhouse type you should be choosing will also depend to a great extent on how you intend to use the structure. In other words, the purpose or purposes for which you intend to use the greenhouse will also hugely influence your decision. Your decision to buy a pop-up or freestanding greenhouse will depend upon the following aspects or factors:-

You plan on cultivating plants throughout the year 

If you’re seriously considering growing plants in a glasshouse throughout the year, then you’ll need a heavy-duty hothouse. Greenhouses are designed for sheltering vegetation primarily during the winter season when the cold weather could be detrimental for some plants. So if you decide to opt for a greenhouse that can enable plants to thrive not only during the winter but round the year, then you’ll need a smart structure.

Simply put, you’ll have to buy a freestanding orangery perfectly capable of trapping the optimal amount of heat and sustaining it all through the year. When you are thinking of farming crops year-round, then it’s not just about locking in more heat but also holding onto it. In an ordinary glasshouse, your plants may flourish during the winter but may struggle to survive during the summer season.

Run-off-the-mill greenhouses will inevitably trap adequate heat but may be incapable of allowing a portion of it to escape, especially during summer. So if you continue to house your plants in a regular glasshouse during the summer, the chances are that the plants might get burnt. Hence you’ll need to opt for a state-of-the-art greenhouse that features an effective ventilation mechanism or system that’ll facilitate escaping of excess trapped heat.

Additionally, such a greenhouse should also come equipped with a sound cooling system that’ll promote evaporation, thereby letting go of extra heat. 

You want your plants to thrive in winter 

Most plant species can survive in low temperatures, but they require a warm environment for growing and developing. Therefore you’ll have to buy a high-quality greenhouse if you want your plants not just to survive but thrive as well in winter. Of course, such a premium glasshouse model would be quite expensive, but it’ll offer excellent value for your extra investments.

Investing in a greenhouse featuring excellent thermal insulation functionality is worthwhile as the structure will keep your plants safe and comfortable throughout the year.

You want your plants to overwinter 

If overwintering plants is your chief objective, then you should purchase a glasshouse that promotes artificial heating. The main reason why you’d want plants to overwinter is that they’re highly susceptible and sensitive to chilly weather. Therefore it does need to be emphasized that you’ll have to opt for a glasshouse that allows third-party heating.

A hi-tech greenhouse that facilitates artificial heating can be used in other seasons also and not just during the winter. The temperature differential that you’ll need to maintain inside the greenhouse in comparison to outside will determine the type you’ll need. You’ll have to buy a greenhouse that comes with quality insulated cover if you live in a region that experiences frigid winters.  

You want to make the most of the fall for a promising start in spring

Almost all the greenhouses that you’ll find in the market have heat-trapping mechanism and ventilation as essential features. So, if you’re looking for a glasshouse that enables your plants to grow and develop effectively during the transitional fall period, you’ll surely find one. Such a greenhouse serves as an elementary one, and therefore you may not have to invest heavily.  

Making up your mind on the size that would be perfect for you

You need to make up your mind on the right size of the glasshouse you’d need to purchase. If you select a massive model for which you don’t have sufficient room, then your investments will be futile. On the other hand, if you settle for a tiny greenhouse, then you may not have enough space to cultivate your plants.

You should also take note that if you opt for a smaller size, then it may not be able to keep up your gardening needs eventually. After all, you’ll surely like your garden to grow in size with time, implying that you’ll add more plants. The thumb rule is to invariably choose a glasshouse that is approximately 30%-40% bigger than your immediate space requirement. 

Nevertheless, you’ll first need to figure out the exact space you require currently for accommodating your plants. You start by determining the length and breadth or width of your purported greenhouse. The minimum width that the greenhouse needs to have should be between 20-25 inches, as you’ll be making rounds to check on your plants.

While checking on the plant beds, you’ll want to ensure that there is sufficient space to walk through. Hence, you should add another 4-5 inches to the width to make allowance for the extra space. When it comes to deciding on the greenhouse’s length, you’ll have to consider the total number of plants you want to cultivate.

Irrespective of the number of plants you decide to grow, you’ll have to leave a minimum space of 1 sq foot all around for a 5”-6” pot. So it follows that if you place containers of larger size, you’ll have to maintain a greater distance between any two pots both row and column-wise. Once you’ve determined the exact dimensions of your greenhouse, you can proceed to buy one that is about 30-40% larger. 

Though you may have to spend more on buying such a greenhouse, it’ll work out cheaper in the long run. If you purchase a model having the same dimensions you determined, then you’ll have to reinvest to expand it, or you may have to buy a new one. So, your cumulative investments in the latter scenario will easily exceed what you’d spent had you purchased a model 30-40% larger than your    

Where in your backyard do you want to install the greenhouse

Optimal placement of the greenhouse is as crucial as buying a glasshouse that best fits your requirements. That being said, selecting the ideal site for your greenhouse is critical for putting it to the best possible use. You’ll have to several aspects into consideration for choosing the right place for your conservatory or hothouse.

The most crucial factor you’ll need to keep in mind is which section or area of your backyard receives maximum sunlight. By and large, it is the southern section of your garden that receives continuous sunlight for the better part of the day. However, the positioning of your home could be such that the garden does not have a southward facing end.

In such an eventuality, you can consider choosing the eastern/southeastern or western/southwestern exposures. You’ll also have to keep the aspect of orientation in mind; a garden with a north-south direction receives more light than one which is east-west oriented. Nevertheless, the exact amount and duration of sunlight your greenhouse may need will considerably depend upon the purpose you’re using it for.

So you’ll have to take note of this aspect as well when it comes to choosing the best possible location for your orangery. Other factors that play a role in selecting the best site for your greenhouse include a water source, drainage system, and accessibility. Out of these factors, convenience is one aspect that you’ll need to pay proper attention to. 

Most of all, you’ll have to access the glasshouse time and again for transferring soil, fertilizer, water, plant pots, and other essentials.  

The materials from which the structure is made matters the most

The materials from which greenhouses are constructed make the most significant difference when it comes to functionality and performance. However, there are no standardized or approved specifications that certify that a particular material (or materials) is ideal for a greenhouse. A wide range of materials, including glass, fiberglass, polyethylene, galvanized steel, and polycarbonate are used for constructing a hothouse.

The greenhouse type that best fits your glasshouse gardening needs and preferences depends upon your budget and the model’s features.  


The materials that are usually used for erecting the frame of a greenhouse include galvanized steel, plastic, hardwood, and aluminum. Every material has its benefits and drawbacks, and therefore it cannot be said with certainty that specific material is most suitable. For instance, an aluminum framework tends to be immensely robust and hardwearing, and never corrodes breaks or wears away.

Aluminum also has the rigidity and hardiness to sustain a glass covering. It is for this quality of aluminum that the material is always used in conjunction with glass for making a premium greenhouse.


The covering or top of a greenhouse is undoubtedly the most critical component of the structure. The type of material used for crafting the greenhouse’s cover significantly influences the amount of light transmission and heat retention. Additionally, the covering material also has a considerable impact on the effectiveness of the circulation of air, maintenance convenience, durability, and aesthetics.  

The most popular materials used for building the covering of a greenhouse are glass, polycarbonate, polyethylene, and fiberglass.

Give due consideration to the aspect of ventilation 

You should pay due attention to the aspect of ventilation, and for a good reason. During the summer, when temperatures rise substantially, the interior of a greenhouse gets heated up intensely. Your plants might burn up, wither, and ultimately die if your greenhouse is not well-ventilated.

An adequately ventilated greenhouse helps maintain a stable temperature and also promotes air circulation. Look for a portable greenhouse kit that allows you to set up roll-up windows or modifiable roof vents. 

Finally, the price 

It goes without saying that you can get yourself a premium greenhouse if you are willing to invest a hefty amount. So it is your budget that determines whether you’ll be able to buy a top-quality product. In case you are looking for a small greenhouse, you’ll be able to bring home a quality model that costs within $100. 

Reviewing the Best Portable Greenhouse Kits For Sale

Palram Nature Harmony Greenhouse

The Palram Nature Harmony Greenhouse is your best bet if you’re looking for a greenhouse that you can set up quickly. At the same time, this gable-type freestanding hothouse offers the ideal environment for nurturing your saplings so that they eventually mature into healthy plants. The Nature Harmony Greenhouse from Palram is incredibly durable and hardy as it features a base made of galvanized steel.

Key Features:

  • Powder-coated galvanized steel base
  • Powder-coated aluminum framework
  • Crystal clear wall panels and polycarbonate covering
  • Ensures more than 90% of sunlight diffusion directly onto foliage
  •  7’ of headroom allows comfortable movement inside the greenhouse
  • Almost 49 sq feet of grow room for cultivating a variety of plants
  • 5-year warranty 
  • >> Check Price On Amazon<<

    On the other hand, the scaffolding of the hothouse is constructed from powder-coated aluminum, and the covering comprises polycarbonate panels. Setting up this greenhouse is a breeze as all the components fit perfectly with each other, including the polycarbonate panels. The Nature Harmony glasshouse measures 6’ (width) x 8’ (length), which is a standard size and so should fit in your backyard. 

    At the same time, the glasshouse stands tall at almost 7’ which allows you to walk in, walkthrough, and walk out comfortably. Once you assemble the pieces and install this greenhouse, you can bet it’ll add to your backyard’s aesthetics.  


    If you’re a novice gardener, then you can rest assured that the Nature Harmony Greenhouse will meet your basic glasshouse farming needs. You can plant seedlings of several flowering, vegetable and fruit plants that are vulnerable to frigid winters inside the greenhouse. You’ll watch your saplings grow and develop into healthy plants that yield a good crop of vegetables and fruits, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

    The powder-coated galvanized steel base, together with the aluminum framework, makes the greenhouse extremely robust, allowing it to withstand the elements. Additionally, the rustproof aluminum scaffold and the virtually indestructible polycarbonate panes ensure that this orangery stays in service for years. You’ll be able to set up the structure easily on your own as the component pieces have been designed to keep ergonomics in mind.  

    The entirely transparent wall panels and polycarbonate covering facilitate more than 90% direct transmission of sunlight onto your plants. The powder-coated forest green rust-resistant aluminum scaffold seamlessly blends with the surroundings. You’ll also be able to make the most of other practical features, including roof venting, rain sewers, left/right swinging door, and a magnetic door latch.

    Constructed from premium materials, the Palram Nature Harmony Greenhouse guarantees service for the long term and calls for minimal maintenance.           

    System Pros & Cons


    • Five-year limited warranty; other reputed greenhouse manufacturers do not provide the same facility
    • Crystal clear polycarbonate wall panels and cover facilitate more than 90% sunlight transmission
    • Features galvanized steel base, adjustable roof vent, magnetic door latch, and rain drains
    • 6.5’ headroom sweep and nearly 50 sq ft of farming space
      Can be easily and swiftly assembled
    • The powder-coated aluminum frame is exceptionally resistant to rust and the elements
    • Ideal for setting up in a backyard, terrace or patio


    • This structure is flimsy as it quickly gets blown away by a strong gust or breeze
    • This glasshouse is so light that it flips over or shifts if not anchored to the ground

    Palram Nature Harmony Greenhouse

    Shelter Logic Grow It Greenhouse in-a-box


    You can choose from three distinct sizes of ShelterLogic GrowIT greenhouse in a box, and the glasshouses can be installed with remarkable ease. The entire greenhouse has been crafted out of premium polyethylene, which guarantees consistent protection to your plants from inclement weather. On the other hand, the cover or top of this ShelterLogic conservatory has been shaped out of ripstop waterproof nylon fabric that allows consistent sunlight transmission.

    Key Features:

    • 4-foot long shelving on both sides of the greenhouse
    • Hardy 1-inch thick premium powder-coated steel frame resists corrosion, rust, peeling, and chipping
    • GrowIT fabric functions as an excellent thermal insulator helping save on watering and ventilation costs
    • Translucent fabric for promoting the mellowed transmission of sunlight
    • The lucent fabric also checks the infiltration of detrimental UV light 

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    At the same time, this GrowIT greenhouse in a box is very portable, implying that you can unpack it anytime and reset it according to your convenience. The frame is made of the 1-inch gauge of premium powder-coated steel that makes the scaffold rustproof, peel, graze, and scrape-resistant. The greenhouse fabric acts as an excellent thermal barrier keeping all your plants well-insulated while checking to overheat and promoting ventilation.


    The ShelterLogic GrowIT 6’ x 8’ backyard greenhouse with integrated shelving is ideal for growing saplings or overwintering your plants. Construction from the topnotch steel tubular frame makes this greenhouse very compact, reliable, and durable. Finished with a high-grade powder coating, the 1-inch metal frame is extremely resistant to corrosion, rust, peeling, and chipping.

    The waterproof PVC cover layered with 5.5oz of the ripstop fabric lets the right amount of sunlight to pass through. On the other hand, the cover is UV-treated, which ensures that a minimal amount of damaging UV light passes through. This feature ensures that your plants are not only shielded from hazardous UV rays but also unaffected by harmful insects and fungus.

    The fabric used for this GrowIT greenhouse acts as an effective thermal barrier furnishing excellent insulation while also checking to overheat. Consequently, you do not need to water the greenhouse more frequently and install a separate ventilation system. The stepwise shelving on either side of the hothouse allows you to position plants according to their stage of growth.

    The meshed metal profile goes a long way in facilitating good drainage, and the double-zippered door panel permits a comfortable walkthrough. The roll-up double zippered door panel comes in handy when you need to access your seedlings and plants. Both the rear panel and the front door have vents for boosting up optimum temperature regulation and circulation of air.

    System Pros & Cons


    • Handy outdoor greenhouse featuring semi-transparent covering for diffused sunlight transmission
    • Integrated shelving on both sides of the greenhouse for placing plants as per their growth stage
    • The tubular frame constructed from premium-grade of steel imparts incredible durability to the structure
    • Metallic grid design for promoting drainage
    • Both front and back door panels feature vents for effective temperature control and ventilation


    • Many gardeners would prefer an actual door rather than a zippered roll-up version
    • The headroom may not be adequate for tall users 

    ShelterLogic 6' x 8' x 6.5' GrowIT

    Grandio Element Walk-In Greenhouse


    If you live in a region that often experiences inclement weather and have a small garden, then look no further than the Grandio Element Walk-in Greenhouse. You can pick and choose from two different sizes-6’ x 4’ and 6’ x 8’-to comfortably fit the structure in your backyard. On the other hand, you can select from a range of anchor types for a customized installation to suit the climate and your surroundings.

    Key Features:

    • Lifetime warranty on frame
    • 10-year warranty on panel
    • 10mm (1cm) thick twin-wall polycarbonate panels
    • Robust and hardwearing powder-coated aluminum frame
    • Extends 8’ from floor to ceiling; offers you adequate headroom
    • The A-styled structure provides plenty of grow room and also boosts aesthetics
    • Comes with tools for installation

    >> Check Price On Amazon <<

    Nevertheless, if you’re still looking for an excellent reason to invest in this greenhouse, then the fact that it comes with a 10-year warranty will suffice. Some of the most practical features of this walk-in-greenhouse include polycarbonate panels, eye-catching appearance, and dual sliding doors for easy access.   


    Grandio Element introduces its 6’ large walk-in greenhouse that delivers on the performance front despite its small size. If you compare this step-in greenhouse with the other greenhouse models of Grandio Element (Ascent and Elite), you’ll find their features are almost similar. In other words, this Grandio Element greenhouse has nearly the same versatility as its bigger brethren but occupies a lesser footprint. 

    So you can easily install this walk-in-greenhouse if you have a small backyard or patio. This greenhouse features roof vents, 6’ tall double-sliding doors, 7’ of headroom, and a hardwearing powder-coated aluminum frame. At the same time, the structure comes equipped with 1cm thick twin-wall polycarbonate panels, and polycarbonate covering makes the unit extremely performance-driven.

    All the components of this Grandio Element glasshouse have been designed and constructed innovatively, allowing the structure to withstand the harshest of conditions. That this greenhouse from Grandio Element has an A-styled framework is what makes it so handy and graceful. The A-frame profile comes in entirely usable if you’re looking to make the most of your indoor grow space.

    Also, the 1.6mm profile aluminum frame can efficiently cater to the greenhouse gardening needs of both professional and amateur horticulturists. To say the last but not the least, this Grandio Element greenhouse is just what you need if you want your plants to overwinter. 

    System Pros & Cons


    • Ideal for installing in small gardens and patios
    • Polycarbonate panels serve as practical thermal barriers allowing plants to overwinter
    • Semi-transparent polycarbonate twin-walled panels aid in the diffusion of maximum sunlight
    • Roof vents for promoting good circulation of air


    • Not durable enough to resist and withstand a tornado or hurricane
    • You will have to buy the base separately which makes the greenhouse somewhat expensive

    Grandio Element Walk-In Greenhouse Kit

    Shelter Logic GrowIT High-Arch Greenhouse with Heavy-Duty Steel Frame and Waterproof Ripstop Cover


    ShelterLogic is a specialist manufacturer of portable greenhouse kits and is one of the most popular suppliers of the same. This greenhouse kit producer has made a name for itself by manufacturing and supplying of premium portable greenhouse kits. Take, for instance, the GrowIT High-Arch Greenhouse with Heavy-Duty Steel Frame and Waterproof Ripstop Cover for tall plants.

    Key Features:

    • Offers a captive grow space of 258 sq feet
    • Starter kit includes ratchet tie-downs, 15” auger anchors, bungees, triple zipper doors, cover, and an all-steel frame
    • High-arched roof furnishes 12’ of overhead growing height
    • High-grade powder-coated steel scaffolding for boosting performance and durability
    • 5.5oz thick fabric cover comprises of triple layers of ripstop waterproof and UV-treated fabric  

    >>  Check Price On Amazon <<

    This freestanding greenhouse comes in three different sizes, so you have the option of selecting a format that suits your garden. As its names indicate, this high-arch greenhouse measures 12’ from the ground to the top, thus offering you plenty of headroom. The hardwearing and tough metallic steel frame guarantees that the conservatory continues to perform for a long time.   


    You’ll find many good reasons to choose the GrowIT High-Arch Greenhouse from ShelterLogic for your garden, backyard, or courtyard. This greenhouse features a waterproof ripstop fabric cover that offers comprehensive from the rains and the elements. At the same time, the UV-treated semi-transparent fabric cover ensures the transmission of the right amount of sunlight and heat to your plants.

    So you do not need to worry about your plants wilting and dying from the destructive effects of UV light. Additionally, this hothouse is available in three distinct sizes (13’ x 20’, 12’ x 24’, and 12’ x 20’), which means you’ve sufficient growing space. The included auger anchors guarantee that your greenhouse will continue to stand tall in the face of severest storms and cyclones.

    And you’ll warm up to this ShelterLogic GrowIT high-arch greenhouse’s arch design, which is very attractive in terms of aesthetics. This GrowIT greenhouse’s innovative design implies that you get plenty of space for cultivating tall plants. On the other hand, high-arch hothouse’s profile ensures the diffusion of optimum sunlight for the growth and development of small shrubs.

    The waterproof ripstop cover and the robust metal steel scaffold guarantee optimum insulation and protection from the vagaries of weather. The 1-5/8” healthy premium powder-coated steel frame furnishes effective defense against rust, corrosion, chipping, and peeling. Ratchet-Tite straps furnish excellent tensioning for firm cover anchoring.

    System Pros & Cons


    • 15” auger anchors offer stable tethering
    • Roll-up sides for temperature control and adequate ventilation
    • Hook and loop fastener strips for keeping sides down
    • Bungee fasteners keep sides open
    • GrowIT fabric functions as an effective thermal barrier
    • Semi-transparent ripstop fabric facilitates optimum sunlight diffusion
    • Heat-bonded triple-layer ripstop waterproof and UV-treated fabric
    • Durable and resilient all-steel frame


    • Many users and gardeners may prefer a walk-in door instead of a zip-up side
    • May not be suitable for use throughout the year
    • Height may not be conducive in specific neighborhoods

    ShelterLogic 12' x 20' x 8' GrowIT

    Palram HG5008 Mythos Hobby Greenhouse 6’ x 8’ x 7’, Silver


    If you’re looking for a performance-driven greenhouse that is also very affordable, then do not look beyond the Palram HG5008 Mythos Hobby Greenhouse. The HG5008 Mythos Hobby Greenhouse from Palram is reinforced with 4MM solid twin-wall polycarbonate panels on the sides and cover. This functional feature helps in boosting the diffusion of intense sunlight that could singe plants and also betters structural support. 

    Key Features:

    • Virtually indestructible 4mm thick twin-wall polycarbonate panel
    • The aluminum frame is sturdy, resilient, and rust-resistant
    • Polycarbonate roof blocks out nearly 100% dangerous UV rays
    • Crystal clear polycarbonate side panels for promoting up to 90% sunlight transmission
    • The hardwearing galvanized steel frame along with the solid frame makes for a firm foundation

    >> Check Price On Amazon <<

    The polycarbonate panels help in transmitting up to 70% sunlight, which in turn facilitates the healthy growth of plants. On the other hand, the polycarbonate side and cover panels prove useful in keeping out more than 100% of internecine UV rays. You can choose from powder-coated green or silver aluminum frames in lengths ranging from 4’-14’.


    Palram has earned and entrenched its goodwill as the company has been engaged in producing premium polycarbonate panels for over three decades. The company exclusively uses top-grade polycarbonate panels for manufacturing different components of greenhouses. Palram implants a UV-shielded layering in its panels for thwarting fragility and discoloration with time.

    The meticulously crafted polycarbonate panels of Palram glide smoothly into heavy-duty aluminum frames, thereby doing away with the need to use clips. You can bet the Mythos 6’ x 8’ Silver Series greenhouse will add to the elegance of your patio or backyard. The brushed aluminum rust-resistant frame and the durable galvanized steel base ensure that the structure will stay functional for years. 

    The translucent polycarbonate twin-wall panels help diffused light, enabling plants to thrive as well as stay protected from UV light. At the same time, the panels are capable of retaining double the heat compared to single-wall panels. The adroitly designed gutters come in extremely handy for catching refreshing and crisp rainwater for watering your plants. 

    System Pros & Cons


    • Integrated rain gutter for sustainable irrigation
    • Setting up this greenhouse is easier provided you follow the instructions
    • Magnetic door latch together with a lockable door handle for effortless access
    • Includes ten polypropylene hangers for supporting vines and suspending pots and baskets
    • Offers about 49 sq feet of growing room that might be sufficient for beginners and hobby gardeners
    • Has adjustable roof vents for sound ventilation 


    • Instructions for installation running into 56 pages may be difficult to comprehend
    • Flooring is not included, so you’ll need to buy it separately
    • You may have to obtain a lot of accessories for getting the most of this structure

    Palram HG5008 Mythos Hobby Greenhouse

    Quictent 2 Doors 20 Stakes Heavy Duty Portable Greenhouse


    The Quictent 2 Doors 20 Stakes Heavy Duty Portable Greenhouse is precisely what you need if you’re looking for a spacious sturdy and lightweight hothouse. This spacious, heavy-duty portable greenhouse from Quictent is perfect for farming great vegetable, fruit, and flowering plants, shrubs, and herbs. This greenhouse’s powder-coated steel frame comes with center rails for prolonging the structure’s useful life.

    Key Features:

    • Extended polyethylene cover profile makes this hardwearing portable greenhouse portable
    • Suitable for sealing at the base
    • PE cover design helps boost up heat preservation and makes it airtight
    • Poles/shafts connectible via three and four-corner joints make the structure stable and strong
    • Included 20 stakes and ten bases add to the stability of the structure

    >> Check Price On Amazon <<

    Additionally, twenty stakes, together with ten bases, go a long way in boosting the structure’s ability to resist gusts and snowstorms. The covering crafted from polyethylene leno materials makes it virtually durable and resistant to ripping. The polyethylene covering not only offers a right growing environment for your greenery but also protects from the elements. 

    Quictent has been steadfastly offering customers with high-quality greenhouses for several years now and also consistently improves its products for catering to customers’ requirements. This upgraded hardwearing greenhouse features two doors for easy and quick access, and ten vents on doors and sides boost air circulation. High quality twin-layered dense covering with reinforced molded mesh provides all-around shelter from UV light and rains.


    This 20 Stakes twin-door durable and resilient greenhouse 20 x 10 x 7 from Quictent furnishes more than adequate space for cultivating tall plants. Two doors-one at the front and another at the back provide quick and comfortable access while double zippers facilitate easy opening and closure. Ten exhaust vents-8 on sides and two on doors-allow excellent circulation of air, keeping your plants vibrant and refreshed.

    Double-layered reinforced meshed PE cover is fully waterproof and allows up to 85% sunlight dispersion for aiding in photosynthesis and transpiration. At the same time, the PE cover checks the infiltration of destructive UV rays that could scorch your plants. Twenty stakes and ten bases included in the starter kit makes the greenhouse highly resistant to storms, snowfall, and gusts.

    You can seal the base of the greenhouse using boards, bricks, and MDF blocks for protecting it from squirrels, raccoons, and rabbits. Three and four-corner pole joints relieve you from the hassle of using screws and rivets, which do not make the frame stable. Premium powder-coated steel frame makes sure that your greenhouse stays in service over the years. 

    System Pros & Cons


    • Hardy two-tiered toughened meshed polyethylene cover is 100% waterproof
    • Translucent cover instrumental in transmitting and diffusion of about 85% sunlight
    • Meshed semi-transparent cover blocks out over 99% of hazardous UV rays
    • Extended PE cover can be firmly anchored to the ground and sealed with boards and bricks 
    • Ten exhaust vents help promote air circulation and cross-ventilation especially during summer
    • Double-zippered doors at the front and back facilitate easy opening and closure


    • Will need to invest for making the greenhouse stable and long-lasting
    • Anchoring the frame to the ground could take some doing

    Quictent 2 Doors 20 Stakes Heavy Duty

    Best Choice Products 15 x 7 x 7 ft Portable Walk-In (My Favorite Selection)


    The SKY 1917 15x seven x7ft Portable Walk-In Greenhouse from Choice Products offers plenty of growing space, is robust, and very pocket-friendly. This SKY portable walk-in greenhouse will meet your needs if you’re thinking of cultivating vegetable, fruit, and flowering plants in all the four seasons. The eight roll-up windows, together with the heavy-duty plastic cover, help transmit the right proportion of sunlight and air, helping plants to develop to their full potential.

    Key Features:

    • Premium weatherproof greenhouse shields plants from inclement weather
    • Spacious profile ensures farming of a wide variety of plants
    • Variable heights connecting the contiguous spaces helps juxtapose large and small plants
    • Hardwearing threaded plastic covering makes ensures an extended service life
    • Innovative design allows the installation of shelves on either side for positioning plant pots

    >> Check Price On Amazon <<

    The powder-coated tubular steel frame, together with the hardwearing covering having stakes and guy ropes attachments, keeps the greenhouse steady. The greenhouse’s portability means you can easily disassemble it whenever you want to and reset it at your preferred site. Its tactical three-tiered profile typified by shelving on either side helps in keeping your foliage organized and safe.  


    Bring home the SKY 1917 15 x7x7 portable walk-in greenhouses if you want to hone your gardening skills year-round. This portable walk-in greenhouse from Choice Products is the best conservatory for growing various flowering, fruit, and vegetable plants perennially. Designed with meticulous care, this Choice Products greenhouse shields your vegetation from predators, pests, rain, hail, storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. 

    The tunnel design means you can step inside the greenhouse and move around effortlessly to keep an eye on plants. You can rest assured that this walk-in portable greenhouse will remain functional for years, thanks to its sturdy built. The robust stakes and guy ropes together with the corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel framework and resilient threaded plastic cover makes this structure heavy-duty. 

    System Pros & Cons


    • The greenhouse’s channel design allows for an effortless walkthrough
    • Massive size (15’ x 7’ x 7’) offers gardeners plenty of space for growing several plants
    • Eight roll-up skylights with screen and double-zippered doors facilitate sound management of light and heat
    • Rust-resistant powder-coated tubular steel scaffolding and hardy plastic cover ensure extended functional life
    • Moderately priced yet does not compromise on the quality front


    • You may need to invest in a couple of heaters to keep the structure warm enough during winter
    • Does not have provision for a drainage system
    • Many gardeners, especially greenhorns may experience difficulty in installation

    Best Choice Products 15x7x7ft Walk-in Greenhouse

    Exaco Victorian J-VIC 2496 (My Favorite)


    The Junior Exaco Victorian J-VIC 24 96 sq. Ft. the greenhouse is the most versatile orangery you can go for. The Junior Exaco J-VIC 2496 is a premium product from the house of Janssens (based in Belgium) reputed for producing premier glasshouses. This Junior Victorian hothouse offers an ideal greenhouse setting and, at the same time, accentuates the classiness of your backyard.

    Key Features:

    • Sliding doors
    • Two auto-open windows
    • 3” high foundation frames
    • 4mm tempered/safety glass for windows
    • Robust construction
    • Adequate space for growing plants in large numbers
    • Plenty of headroom for a comfortable and safe walkthrough

    >> Check Price On Amazon <<

    The robust, thick, and extensive aluminum profile of the Exaco Victorian greenhouse makes it superior to all other glasshouse brands. The greenhouse kit includes two roof windows with vents, a sliding frame door, 4-mm tempered glass windows, 3” frame extension, and frame. Rubber sealing comes in ideally handy for keeping the windows firmly in place, especially during a gust or a storm.


    The Junior Victorian J-VIC 2496 Greenhouse marketed by Exaco Trading Company features an aluminum framework that makes it not only performance-driven but aesthetic as well. The panels encompassing the sturdy scaffolding have been shaped out of 6mm thick polycarbonate material, imparting incredible durability to the structure. Designed innovatively and engineered with precision, the Exaco Victorian greenhouse will enable you to fulfill your passion for gardening for the long-term.

    A magnetic key locker, along with dual sliding doors, allows you to make the best possible use of this greenhouse. The greenhouse’s durable design lets it withstand gusts of wind blowing at speeds of 75-80 mph. Measuring 150” x 93” x 100”, the Exaco Junior Greenhouse provides more space than you may need for gardening. 

    The kit supplied by Exaco Trading Company includes all components and accessories you require for assembling the structure. The package or greenhouse kit contains 4mm tempered glass windows, two opening roof windows, two sliding frame doors, and a greenhouse frame with 3” frame extensions.

    System Pros & Cons


    • Designed skillfully keeping aspects of durability and aesthetics in mind
    • Furnishes optimal glasshouse environment for growing plants not native to your region
    • Highlights the grace and elegance of your garden or patio
    • Thick, durable, and large aluminum profiles add to the robustness of the structure
    • Provides ample room for cultivating a variety of fruit, flowering, and vegetable plants 


    • Hobby gardeners may have to struggle to set up this greenhouse
    • If you’re looking for a portable structure look elsewhere

    Exaco Junior Victorian J-VIC 24 96

    Rion Grand Gardener 2 Clear Greenhouse


    If you want to cultivate plants that are extremely susceptible to freezing weather, then go for the Rion Grand Gardener Greenhouse. The Grand Gardener 2 Clear Greenhouse is one of the most durable glasshouses out there featuring two distinct polycarbonate coverings. These two different types of polycarbonate materials are virtually unbreakable, thereby imparting an incredible resilience to the greenhouse that boosts its longevity.

    Key Features:

    • Hardwearing resin scaffold for better thermal insulation
    • Barn-style profile offers elevated headroom and adequate gardening space
    • Easy and fast assembly 
    • Crystal clear toughened polycarbonate panels
    • Practically durable 4 mm thick twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels

    >> Check Price On Amazon <<

    The polycarbonate side walls have a transparent texture, which offers you a crystal clear view of your plants. On the other hand, the double-tiered roof panels disperse more than 90% sunlight for optimal use by plants. Also, the sidewalls and the roof panels constructed from premium grade materials block out harmful UV rays that could singe plants.

    Putting together the weatherproof scaffolding is a breeze, thanks to the pin & lock mechanism. The heavyweight extruded resin framework helps boost thermal insulation as well as betters product durability. The barn-style roof profile furnishes adequate headroom for a hassle-free walkthrough and also provides extra gardening space. 


    The weatherproof scaffolding of the Grand Gardener 2 Clear Greenhouse comes with a proprietary pin and lock system for facilitating easy assembly. Assembling the roof or covering panels is also a breeze as they 

    System Pros & Cons


    • Transparent polycarbonate sidewall panels make for crystal clear views
    • Coverings made from two different varieties of almost unbreakable polycarbonate material
    • Twin-wall roof panels scatter more than 90% sunlight
    • Robust extruded resin frame for better thermal insulation and longevity
    • Double doors for effective cross-ventilation and quick access


    • Gardeners will struggle to put the pieces together: there are no worded instructions only pictures 
    • The OEM foundation may not be steady enough on soft ground; you may have to invest in a 4x4 lumber for boosting the foundation
    • The rubber seals do not tether firmly around the transparent wall panels 

    Rion Grand Gardener 2 Twin Wall Greenhouse

    Ogrow 25 sq ft Aluminum Lean-to Greenhouse


    The Ogrow aluminum lean-to greenhouse is an extremely user-friendly and affordable glasshouse offering an ideal solution to gardeners intending to grow sensitive plants in a limited space. The steady perpendicular structure is compatible with installing on any flat concrete, graveled or soil surface, and adjusts to any environment.

    Key Features:

    • Twin-wall polycarbonate panels
    • Smooth sliding door
    • Integrated rain gutter
    • Roof vent for cross-ventilation and air circulation
    • Corrosion and rust-resistant frame

    >> Get Price On Amazon <<

    This lean-to greenhouse is capable of maintaining a constant temperature in a range varying from -25°C to 60°C, thereby ensuring excellent thermal insulation, especially during winter. The greenhouse features a reinforced steel base and an aluminum scaffold making the structure strong, stable, and hardwearing. The fabric is enameled with a greenish coat that keeps fading, tarnishing, and rusting at bay.

    Ogrow takes pride in offering top quality products and accessories to ensure gardeners can make the most of their efforts. The manufacturer is committed to providing premium quality products at competitive prices as well as offer quality customer service.


    If you desire to cultivate plants all through the year, then choose the Ogrow 25 sq ft lean-to greenhouse. This lean-to greenhouse is precisely what you need if you’ve limited backyard space yet want to farm delicate plants close to your home. Amongst the greenhouse’s practical features is the smooth sliding door offering ready access to your saplings and plants and promoting cross-ventilation.

    The included rain gutter lets you collect and make good use of rainwater. The roof vents, in conjunction with the sliding door, boost the circulation of air and cross-ventilation. The corrosion and rust-resistant frame, along with the toughened steel base, increase stability, check subsidence on soft earth, and provides excellent means of ground anchoring. 

    System Pros & Cons


    • 4-mm thick polycarbonate walls, 0.8mm thick aluminum frame, and steel base prolong the functional life
    • Enameling on the scaffold checks rusting is shockproof and UV-resistant
    • Stable perpendicular profile facilitate hassle-free placement on any flat surface 


    • The user manual has drawings make it difficult for the user to understand
    • The updated manual on the manufacturer’s website is not of much help when it comes to installation

    OGrow OGAL-46 Greenhouse, 25 sq.ft, Clear


    Is it worthwhile to go for a greenhouse?

    If you’re seriously mulling on whether to buy a greenhouse, then you must have posed the question to yourself at some stage. Is it worth your while in investing time, money, and effort in assembling or buying a greenhouse for accomplishing your gardening goals?

    Simply put, it is practical to invest in a greenhouse? Speaking, of course, spending money on a greenhouse does make sense, especially if you’re looking for a handsome ROI. Mainly if you’re farming vegetables, fruits, or flowers for commercial purposes, then a hi-tech greenhouse comes in perfectly handy.

    A premium greenhouse or glasshouse offers you the optimum environment for cultivating a wide variety of plants throughout the year. Opting for a greenhouse is viable if and when:-

    • You want a year-round supply of farm-fresh vegetables and fruits
    • Cultivate plants that do not thrive in your clime
    • You wish to shield your plants from pests and predators
    • You want your plants to overwinter
    • You quickly and effortlessly wish to shift your plants from indoors to outdoors/shade to sunlight or vice versa 

    Should you build or purchase a greenhouse?

    Contrary to what most gardeners think, buying a starter kit works out cheaper than building the entire greenhouse from scratch. When you construct a conservatory on your own, you’ll have to purchase most of the components separately, which will add to your overall costs. Alternatively, if you decide to buy a standardized portable greenhouse starter kit that does not need any customization, then your outlay will be relatively less.

    However, if you use recycled or reclaimed materials for crafting your glasshouse, then definitely your expenses will be lower in comparison to buying a kit.

    Should you keep your greenhouse in full sunlight?

    By and large, you should allow your greenhouse to get as much sunlight as possible, particularly during the winter season. Many plant species may be susceptible to shallow temperatures during the chilly weather. So these plants need to overwinter that is possible inside the controlled environment of a premium greenhouse.

    Additionally, you should take care to position your hothouse so that it’s covering is exposed to direct sunlight during daytime. Nevertheless, more often than not, excess sunlight could lead to overheating, which is worse than receiving too much light. Therefore you should ensure to keep the greenhouse well-ventilated in summers to prevent your plants from scorching.

    Also, if you live in a hot and humid clime, make sure you install your greenhouse in a shaded area.

    How to maintain a greenhouse?

    Clean your greenhouse often and sanitize the entire structure using eco-friendly cleaning solutions and warm water. Sterilize the space at least twice in a year to keep out pests, insects, and fungus. Keep a close eye on all your plants for signs of pest infection, and if you find any infected plant, remove the pot immediately.

    Check the ventilation system to see if it is working correctly and ensure that the louvers or roof vents are opening and closing smoothly. Also, see to it that you check out your garden’s irrigation system, and the connected lines are in working order.  

    What can beginner or hobby gardeners grow in a greenhouse?

    First-time and hobby gardeners can cultivate especially those plants that require a controlled growing environment for surviving and thriving. Many plants are susceptible to chilly or scorching and humid weather. Hobby gardeners can farm such plants in a greenhouse.


    For this review on “the best portable greenhouse kits for sale,” I choose nine freestanding or self-supporting greenhouses and one lean-to model. I decided on reviewing so many standalone models because they’re the most popular amongst all greenhouse types. I discussed two self-supporting greenhouses, each of Palram and ShelterLogic, and one product each from Grandio Element, Quictent, Choice Products, Rion, and Janssens.

    Additionally, I explored one lean-to greenhouse from Ogrow. Both veteran and hobby gardeners can choose any product of Palram, ShelterLogic, Grandio Element, Rion, or Janssens. However, in our opinion, Palram greenhouses offer the best value for money. The Exaco Victorian J-VIC 2496 model is also extremely popular with professional horticulturists and amateur gardeners.

    And gardeners with limited backyard space intending to grow a small number of delicate plants can go for the Ogrow lean-to greenhouse.

    Getting My Greenhouse Kits To Work

    Gothic Arch Greenhouses is the most trusted name in the greenhouse industry. Our family owned business has been serving horticulturists, hobbyists, commercial operations, schools and more since 1946 - gardening. Our commitment to providing our customers access to the best greenhouses available for amazing price savings has simply made us to the go-to source for greenhouse supplies.

    We carry a handpicked selection of the finest hobby greenhouse kits for every price range and horticultural and architectural application. From a basic poly-film covered beginner hobby greenhouse to the finest quality glass greenhouses, our expert team will help you choose the perfect kit for your backyard or garden. Some of our higher-end hobby greenhouse kits are even ideal for retail, school and commercial projects.

    The All Greenhouse Kits At A Glance - Greenhouse Emporium Ideas

    We offer a wide selection of styles, including traditional, solar and Pacific designs. You’ll also find that we can help with custom designs to suit very specific needs. In addition to our structures and supplies. Please browse our selection below and let us know if we can be of any assistance! Value – When you want a solid greenhouse that doesn’t cost a lot, these designs deliver.

    The 4-Minute Rule for Greenhouse Kits And Greenhouse And Garden SuppliesRumored Buzz on The 5 Best Greenhouses Of 2020

    Each model in this category of greenhouse kits offers its own distinct advantages at pricing that are affordable. Economy – These greenhouse kits are highly affordable and easy to get up and running. Click here. They are designed to provide the ultimate in functionality in smaller spaces. When you want to explore greenhouse kits for a wide variety of uses, Gothic Arch is here to assist.

    Not known Facts About The 5 Best Greenhouses Of 2020

    A greenhouse is a brilliant addition to a garden as a place where you can get a head start on sowing seeds, seedlings, and small plants, as well as an ideal place to propagate new plants and overwinter more tender plants. For the keen gardener, a greenhouse is essential.If you’re looking for a new greenhouse, you will quickly find that greenhouses dramatically range in price, and you could find yourself spending anywhere from $50 to several thousand dollars.

    Greenhouses vastly range in price, and if you don’t mind a smaller option, you can pick one up for under $100. The materials your greenhouse is made from will also affect the cost, so just be sure to look for one that is reliable and long-lasting. Otherwise, you will end up paying out twice, which is not cost-effective in the long run.You can find greenhouses in almost any size, and the size you need will be largely dependent on the space you have available.

    The Definitive Guide to Greenhouse Kits

    Measure your space before looking for a greenhouse and ensure it will fit in your desired area. You should also consider the amount and size of plants you hope to grow in your greenhouse, and be realistic, thinking about the amount of space you will need to accommodate your plants.

    Traditionally, greenhouses are made with glass panels, as these are the best for letting in light, and they are long-lasting. The biggest drawback of glass is that it can break or shatter. If you have kids, then toughened glass is advisable because this won’t be as dangerous if it does break.An alternative is polycarbonate panels, which are more lightweight than glass, less expensive, and won’t break.

    The Facts About Greenhouses - Uncovered

    The Main Principles Of Greenhouse Kits The Greatest Guide To Greenhouse Kits And Supplies - Gardener's Supply

    The durability of these differs vastly depending on the quality of the plastic cover, but overall, these are an even more affordable option, so they are useful for anyone on a tight budget. The plastic covers do not usually last as long as glazed greenhouses, but in many cases, replacement covers are available.

    Metal frames, usually aluminum, are less expensive than timber frames and require no maintenance. A high-quality metal frame won’t rust and withstands adverse weather very well. Timber frames are typically more aesthetically pleasing, but they are more expensive and require ongoing maintenance to keep them in good shape. They are liable to rot in wet conditions and will need time and money spending on them each year to ensure they remain weatherproof.

    Unknown Facts About Greenhouse Kits - Greenhouse Megastore

    In summer, temperatures will soar in a greenhouse, and if it gets too hot, the plants will likely wilt and die (grow organic vegetables). Ventilation will help to increase airflow and keep temperatures stable. Ventilation is also important so that the greenhouse is a comfortable temperature for you to work in during the summer months.

    If you have had experience with greenhouses not lasting as long as expected, you should buy a greenhouse with a warranty. This is always helpful in giving you peace of mind against any unexpected problems.Some greenhouses benefit from lockable handles, which may be useful if you live in a built-up area where you don’t know your neighbors well.

    The Facts About Diy Greenhouse Kits - 12 Handsome, Hassle-free Options To ... Uncovered

    All of the remaining greenhouses reviewed below feature plastic covers instead of glazing, which makes them more cost-effective, though you may sacrifice on light penetration.The opaque covers featured on the and the would be a good solution if you have plants that could suffer from scorching in the direct light of the sun.

    It is suitable for balconies and patios or anyone who is limited on space. The remaining four greenhouses reviewed below are all full-size greenhouses intended for use in a garden. They range in size from 6’ by 8’ to 10’ by 10’, all providing ample square footage for most enthusiastic gardeners to grow an array of plants, fruits, and vegetables.Top Pick Best OverallThis 6-foot by 8-foot greenhouse offers 48 square feet of growing space.

    5 Easy Facts About Small Greenhouse Kits - Better Homes & Gardens Explained

    The polycarbonate panels are doubled up to create twin walls, resulting in a 4mm thickness, which offers supreme durability.The polycarbonate panels block out over 99% of UV rays but let in 70% of light. This is good for plants that enjoy bright light but are at risk of scorching in too much direct light.

    The Definitive Guide for 15 Best Greenhouse Kits For Self Sufficiency (2020) - Heavy.comAn Unbiased View of Greenhouse Kits

    The single door can be locked for safety, and the whole structure comes with a 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty.Users of this greenhouse found that they were able to build it fairly easily, in spite of the lengthy instructions which were found to be confusing. The instructions contained no words, just pictures, making construction a challenge but not impossible.

    Little Known Facts About Best Portable Greenhouses Of 2020 (Review & Guides ....

    It is sturdy and well designed, standing up well against high winds and hail storms. Some users commented that the roof vents were not as useful as expected, but overall, they would still recommend this greenhouse to friends.Users noted that a level spot to build this on is essential, and you will also need to stake it to the ground.

    The polythene cover is reinforced for added durability and is UV-resistant, allowing light to penetrate through while protecting your plants.The cover features roll-up windows that are fitted with mosquito nets, so you can adjust the ventilation in your greenhouse without being subjected to pests. The doorway is wide for easy access and has zips along each side so you can easily secure the structure or open them quickly for extra ventilation.

    A Biased View of What Are The Best Portable Greenhouse Kits? – Back To My ...

    Large foot plates make for added stability, and these can be fixed to a base or directly to your ground.Users of this greenhouse love almost every aspect of it. It was found to be easy to construct, though some users did comment on the lack of instructions provided. Once built, users found the greenhouse to be very sturdy and able to withstand a variety of weather.

    The cause was that the metal frame itself would become very hot in the summer heat, and the part of the polythene roof that was resting on the metal frame would burn to a crisp from the contact heat. Some users resolved this problem by adding protective layers to the frame of the roof, preventing the cover from coming into contact with it.

    How All Greenhouse Kits At A Glance - Greenhouse Emporium can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

    Contacting them via social media was more successful though, and the customer service they offered was excellent, replacing damaged greenhouses free of charge.ProsEasy to assembleFunctionalGood customer serviceConsFaulty design may melt polythene cover in hot weatherThis greenhouse has a footprint of 6 feet x 8 feet, giving you 53 square feet of growing space and 6 feet 8 inches of head height.

    The polycarbonate panels act similarly to glass, allowing light into the greenhouse and giving 100% UV protection while being both lighter and stronger than glass.The greenhouse benefits from a galvanized steel base, an aluminum frame, a single door with a lockable handle, built-in guttering, and adjustable roof vents for ventilation.

    The 5 Best Greenhouses Of 2020 for Beginners

    Some users found that strong winds caused the frame to rattle but no parts to blow or become loose.The most common problem users found was the construction of the greenhouse. In spite of the alleged easy snap-together construction, most users found that building this greenhouse was a mammoth task. Most users took several days to put this together, and note that you will need at least two people to construct it.

    Most users recommend that this greenhouse not be built by amateurs and comment that the instructions, in particular, are very difficult to follow. Once the greenhouse was built, though, they were very happy with it. It is strong, sturdy, and has all the features you would need in a small to medium-sized greenhouse.ProsMetal frame won’t rotRoof vents allow ventilationStrong and sturdy, will withstand harsh weatherLockable doorConsFrustrating and time-consuming to buildConstruction instructions difficult to followThis 10-foot by 10-foot greenhouse benefits from a steel frame that has been white powder coated. grow organic vegetables.

    Best Portable Greenhouses Of 2020 (Review & Guides ... Things To Know Before You Buy

    However, over time, some users were unimpressed with how the greenhouse fared.The main complaint among users was that the zipper, which closes the door, ceased to work. In many instances, it broke after a few months of use, making it impossible to enclose the unit fully. Some users also found that the material of the cover shrunk over time.

    This may be a bonus if you are wanting to hide what you are growing from neighbors, but it may well mean that your plants are not able to get enough sunlight.ProsEasy to constructDurable fabricSpaciousConsWeak zipper liable to breakFabric cover may shrinkCover is not opaqueMini GreenhouseThis mini greenhouse is perfect for small spaces such as balconies or terraces, measuring 27 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 63 inches tall.

    The mini greenhouse includes a polyethylene cover, which is completely clear for maximum light exposure. The cover can be zipped shut of rolled up and secured in an open position for easy access, or to protect plants against bugs.The unit comes with metal stakes and ropes so that the greenhouse can be anchored in place to hold it secure against strong winds.

    What Does 5 Best Small Greenhouse Kits - Buyer's Guide & Reviews ... Do?

    The clear cover is completely removable, so you can use the greenhouse as an outdoor shelving unit during other seasons if you wish. Replacement covers can also be purchased separately should you need a spare cover.Users of this mini greenhouse found assembly very easy and were pleased with the finished product.

    Some users also found that the frame was lightweight and liable to tipping over, so they weighed it down with some bricks on the bottom shelf.Users were happy with how the mini greenhouse looked, describing it as modern and expensive-looking, so it wasn’t an eyesore on their balcony. Users were also happy that it took up very little space but provided plenty of storage for seedlings and small plants.

    9 Easy Facts About 5 Best Small Greenhouse Kits - Buyer's Guide & Reviews ... ExplainedGreenhouses - Fundamentals Explained

    It may be that this item needs more appropriate packaging to minimize the likelihood of this problem. Some users were disappointed with how lightweight the unit was and found that it easily wobbled or leaned over. However, most users were thoroughly pleased with the mini greenhouse and would recommend it to friends.ProsInexpensiveEasy to assembleSpace-saving solutionConsToo lightweightShelves needed to be fixed in placePoor packagingWhile all of these reviewed greenhouses are best-selling products in their own right, the one that stands out to us as the best buy is the Palram Nature Series Mythos Hobby Greenhouse.

    How Greenhouse Kits And Greenhouse And Garden Supplies can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

    It is sturdy enough to withstand any adverse weather and should safely house your plants for many years to come.If you’re looking for a smaller solution for seedlings, consider the Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse. It is an excellent option. With a minor addition of some zip wires to increase its stability, this mini greenhouse offers a good solution to anyone with a challenging space who is wanting to grow plants.

    This snap-together greenhouse can be entirely assembled without the use of tools. Simply connect the rods, anchor the fixture to the ground with included stakes, and slip the plastic cover over the frame. The sturdy structure is best for use in climates that don't get much snowfall, as harsh winter storms may damage the plastic cover.

    What started as a personal experience to improve my overall health by growing my own food has turned into a mission to share my experience and my own research. Growing your own food and eating healthier food is something that everyone has to try.

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