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FELCO F7 Pruner Review

Felco F7 Review

Ease of Use: Quality: Performance: Final Thoughts “Swiss Precision. Made to Last.” One of the best bypass hand pruners on the market. Overall Score 5 I’ve owned the Felco #7 Bypass Pruner for 24 years. (In the video below I said 10 years, but I was mistaken.) I purchased it when I started my tree care company back in the mid ‘90s.

The only part I’ve replaced is the Volute spring between the handles. (I hooked the original spring on a branch, and it went flying.) The original blades have never been replaced. They’ve been sharpened dozens of times and still cut like they’re brand new. Felco is a Swiss brand founded in 1945.

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(It’s probably the most copied bypass pruner on the planet - Click here.) : Bypass : Yes. Micro adjustments very easy to make. :

Excellent : Thumb latch : Volute : 0.98 inches : Yes : Rotating bottom handle, wire cutter, angled head, all parts replaceable, adjustment key/wrench (comes with the pruner). : yes : High-strength/light-weight drop forged aluminum : Rubberized top coated handle, composite plastic-like rotating lower handle : Specialty formulated hardened steel – high carbon : None : Yes : Yes : 10-¼ oz.

Top Guidelines Of Felco 7 Pruner

It’s been 24 years since I opened my first and only Felco #7 pruner. The packaging is long gone. I believe it was packaged in a thermoformed clear plastic front and a cardboard placard back that slipped into the plastic window. A notch stamped at the top of the package allowed the shear to hang from a peg board display.

As a licensed arborist with a successful tree care company, I needed the highest quality, most reliable hand pruner on the market. I paid about $45 in 1995, and I used my Felco #7 on the job every day. It probably made several hundred thousand cuts–or maybe more - garden. I’m confident that a cheap, low-quality pruner can’t compare to the performance of the Felco pruner.

I’m a tool-for-life guy, and the Felco pruner never let me down. Unlike many other pruner manufacturers, Felco offers a complete line of replacement parts. The Volute spring design keeps dirt and debris out and compresses more than a conventional “helix” (coil) spring Quality, quality, quality. Felco #7 is built like a fine Swiss watch.

Not known Facts About Felco 7 Ergonomic Revolving Handle Bypass Pruner F7

Even the precision bolt and screws and the unique locking mechanism ensure quality. Let’s not forget about the Volute spring between the handles. The spring is a closed loop of stainless steel, specifically designed to keep dirt and debris from clogging it. It also compresses farther than a conventional “helix” (coil) spring, allowing the handles/blades to close more tightly.

The bumpers are made from a very “squishy” rubber-like material. When the final pruning cut is made, the bumpers absorb impact when the handles slam together, making for comfortable operation. “Squishy”, rubber-like bumpers (on both handles) absorb shock when completing a pruning cut Felco rotating handle (top) and competitive “fixed-handle” brand (below) Perhaps the most impressive feature of the bypass pruner is the rotating bottom handle.

The rotating handle helps eliminate carpal tunnel syndrome and hand fatigue. It also spreads the cutting force exerted by the fingers and increases the cutting force capability by 30%. I used one of Felco’s original pruners, the #2 (without a bottom rotating handle), and I can attest that as a professional arborist, the #7 provides a much more comfortable experience.

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Not known Factual Statements About Felco 7 Hand Pruner - Gertens Other pruning shears have not offered the same comfort level. A fixed bottom handle versus a rotating one isn’t bad—it just depends on the number of pruning cuts one makes in a day, week, or year. For a professional who makes a living by pruning, the rotating handle is a game-changer (garden).

However, for anyone with hand issues or carpal tunnel syndrome, the #7 Felco pruner may be the perfect tool. I also like that all the pruner parts are replaceable through . At the time of writing this review, I have not found another manufacturer who “knocked-off” the design that offers a complete rebuild kit.

The Felco design has a unique blade tension mechanism that includes a bolt, gear-toothed locking nut, a gear-toothed micro adjustment lock, and a thumb latch pruner lock. The mechanism allows the operator to “fine-tune” the cutting quality/performance and keep the pruner locked securely closed when not in use. Precision components make up the adjustable cutting mechanism.

Not known Details About Tools And Stuff Forum: Felco Pruner #7 

Many of the “copy-cat” versions of this pruner are only available for right-handed users. Felco clearly wants to own the market for quality hand pruners. The pruner is advertised to cut almost an inch (0.98-inch). I made ¾-inch cuts in really hard mesquite wood. I easily cut softer woods up to an inch in diameter.

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An angled cutting head reaches into tight pruning spaces. The attention to detail in the Felco pruners makes them stand out from the competition. The Felco 7 has an angled head design for reaching into tight pruning spots. The Felco #7 pruner contains a lot of metal parts. Many of them are made from high carbon steel, which rusts when exposed to moisture.

If they are damp, chances are the pruners will have water vapor/water in the pivot mechanism between the blades, which is impossible to reach with a dry rag. Instead, use a lubricant to oil this area. A little squirt between the blades is all it takes. While you’re at it, give all the steel parts a light coating of lubricant.

We recommend . Also, the composite rotating handle (of both the Felco #7 and #10) can be removed from the forged aluminum frame (garden). Clean and lubricate it, then push the handle back onto the frame. You should hear an audible click when the handle is securely attached to the frame.

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For sharpeners, there are three Felco options available: a high purity corundum stone; a diamond-coated hardened steel sharpener; and a carbide sharpener. Visit the to review the options available. We also offer an extensive list of sharpening tools for bypass hand pruners. See our review of the . It’s a good idea to wear gloves while pruning, but it’s a personal choice.

For a good glove that offers great dexterity, look for a pair with cotton backs and nitrile palms - vegetables. Although these are less “cut-resistant” than a pair of leather gloves, at least they offer some protection. I like the nitrile palmed gloves made by Atlas. They provide excellent grip and dexterity, decent cut resistance, and help keep hands clean.

Consider wearing safety glasses. A twig or rose cane in your eye makes for a really bad day. We recommend Felco warrants its products free from manufacturer’s defects. “Any good found to be defective within one year of the date of purchase will be repaired or replaced once the good, along with the original bill of purchase, has been returned to PYGAR USA Inc.” The customer is responsible for the shipping cost back to PYGAR.

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My 24-year-old pruner is in great condition and was well worth the investment. I haven’t replaced any parts, except a Volute spring (which was my fault for losing it). The rotating handle offers comfort for people with carpal tunnel syndrome or with hands that tire easily, plus the 30% increase in power helps get through material one-inch in diameter (with less hand strength).

Made to last” is Felco’s motto. It’s true. I’ve reviewed a LOT of hand pruners, and this is by far my favorite. The Felco #7 Bypass Pruner is available from Amazon. The left-handed version, Felco #10 is also available from Amazon. The pruner is also available from : the #7 for $77.63 + $12.00 (shipping).

You can also find Felco pruners at the : The #7 is $58 (garden).59 (free shipping) and the #10 is $62.69 (free shipping). Last update on 2020-06-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API If you liked this review, please with reviews, how-to articles and gardening videos! .

Felco Model 7 Hand Pruner With Revolving Handle, F-7 At ... Can Be Fun For Anyone

Rumor has it there’s a secret password to freely get inside every arboretum, conservatory, and botanical garden in the United States. It’s only spoken in a hushed whisper, but right here, right now, you’re going to read that password in print for the first time ever. That password is: .

There is no secret password. But if there was one, you could bet your bottom dollar that it really would be Felco F-2. As far as pruners go, there is no other choice for the beginning, serious, or professional gardener. These things can be used for cuts up to 1 inch in diameter, but are still articulate enough to prune roses.

A Biased View of Felco 7 Hand Pruner - GertensAbout Felco 7 Ergonomic Revolving Handle Bypass Pruner F7 ...

Any number of websites can tell you about their forged aluminum construction and reliable durability. Instead, this here is a firsthand account of a guy beating the hell out of his work tools on a daily basis as a professional landscaper and gardener. Now, let’s get to it. I received my first pair of Felco F-2 pruners in November of 2016.

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I pruned branches here and tree limbs overhanging driveways there, snipped a few pieces of wire for holiday decorations (the F-2 has a built-in and functional wire cutter), and cut back some dried out perennials. One of my first lessons as a landscaper was that a good gardener takes care of their tools.

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Even when the blade and anvil of the pruners would get gunked up from sap, they still administered crisp and clean cuts. As New Year’s came and went, I placed my pruners and gave them a much-needed rest until spring came. As of this writing, it’s been exactly 171 days since the landscaping and gardening season officially began in Philadelphia, and I’ve put my pruners through 172 days of absolute hell.

Now consider performing that kind of work for fifty hours a week and the toll it takes on the tool! My trusty Felco tool has literally been at my side, along for the whole ride. Seriously, I feel like I’m a cowboy putting away my six-shooter when I holster my pruners.

Photo by Matt Suwak They’ve pruned through thousands of branches and stems, and only require some very basic maintenance. The F-2 breaks down into 12 pieces very easily, and can be reassembled quickly. It is sold with a special key that can be used to adjust the tension on two of the screws, while the last remaining bolt is easily adjusted with a ½-inch wrench.

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During the week and between pruning jobs, I use isopropyl alcohol to clean the blade and anvil. A little tip: If you disassemble and then reassemble your F-2 pruners, adjusting the tension on the primary connecting bolt is key to a smooth action and springy response. Photo by Matt Suwak Alright, since we’re being honest here… I have definitely voided any potential warranty that Felco offers (read more).

The Felco F-2s have proven themselves to be a pruner capable of handling a tremendous workload reliably and without any fault. Throw in some basic maintenance and sharpening practices, and you’ve got yourself a garden tool worth its weight in saffron. I didn’t tell you where I got my pruners, did I? The F-2s have a pretty hefty price tag for a hand tool, about the same as a dinner for two at your average restaurant.

Fortunately for me, a coworker happened to have a second pair. So he gave them to me, “looking out for the new guy,” as he said. And he told me the story of where he found them (equipment). This coworker was walking on Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia when he spotted a pair of Felco F-2s lying in the street.

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So he picked them up and brushed off the worst of the damage and brought them home, throwing them on a shelf in his garage. And then, after a few years of sitting and waiting, he gave those bad boys to me. These were beat up when I received them, scuffed and scratched and clearly well worn.

And then, these pruners were ruthlessly tested and worn-in for the above-described 171 days. And they’re still kicking ass. The F-2 clearly stands out as a workhorse in the garden, capable of finely pruning roses and then taking one-inch limbs and branches off of that crabapple that’s getting crowded over the driveway.

Photo by Matt Suwak The next time you go to an arboretum, conservatory, or botanical garden, whispering “Felco F-2” might not save you the cost of admission. But it will certainly earn you a knowing nod and show of respect from anybody working there. You might not need all that the Felco F-2 can provide, but the Felco F-2 can provide for everything your garden needs.

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This is my official thumbs up. Have you used your Felco F-2s to the same success? What’s your favorite tip for household pruner use? Tell us about it in the comments! Photos by Matt Suwak, © Ask the Experts, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - equipment. See our TOS for more details. Additional product photos via Felco.

This upbringing keeps him permanently affixed to the outdoors where most of his personal time is invested in gardening, bird watching, and hiking. He presently resides in Philadelphia and works under the sun as a landscaper and gardener, and by moonlight as a writer. An incessant questioning of “Why?” affords him countless opportunities to ponder the (in)significance of the great and the small.

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Pruners are a sensitive topic among us gardeners. We all have our favorites and god help the person who champions a competing brand. But that’s what this pruner showdown is about, so please don’t throw tomatoes at me. (I’m only discussing bypass pruners here. Anvil pruners often crush the stems when they make a cut, so they aren’t a great choice for your primary pruner.) The shiny red handles of Felco pruners are like a badge of honor to serious gardeners.

The Main Principles Of Felco F-7 Gardening Hand Pruner With Rotating Handle

If you open your pruners all the way, you’ll see a little round notch on the blade to allow you to cut wires without dulling the blade. This comes in handy surprisingly often. Felcos have a little rubber bumper to help reduce shock to your hands and wrists while cutting.

Felco Pruner 7- Rotating Pruner - Kinsman Garden Fundamentals ExplainedFelco 7 Ergonomic Revolving Handle Pruner F7 - The Pruners ... Can Be Fun For Anyone

There are a few types recommended for larger or smaller hands, and one style that is ergonomically designed to reduce hand stress, with an angled blade and curved handle (Felco 8 and 9). They also have rolling-handled versions which are great for propagating or long days of pruning like during fruit tree season.

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I don’t know about you guys, but my Felco spring pops off constantly when I’m really getting into a shrub and pruning. I don’t have that problem with other brands. I used to think Felco’s ergonomic models were excellent. I went from a basic Felco 4 to a Felco 8 (ergonomic model), and I was in heaven, cutting much thicker branches with less wrist shock.

Now I look back and remember the weeks of soreness during pruning season with my Felco 8’s and I wish I’d tested other brands sooner. An excellent, functional pruner, but you can do better. Coronas are the nerdy little sister to the fancypants Felco. They are a practical, functional choice, and are seen as a good middle ground between cheap-o off-brand pruners and the spendy Felcos.

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You can get new blades, new springs, new nuts – anything you need to get your pruners up and running again. , which stays put when pruning and never pops off. keep your pruners from slipping out of your hands. keeps you pruning without the blades gumming up. allows you to clip errant wires while gardening.

The blades are not angled. There is no shock-absorption. I prune with these suckers for a half hour and I am feeling it. Granted, I prune fast and hard, and I clip stems with my hand pruners that most people would reach for loppers to tackle. But even the average home gardener, deadheading for an hour a week, deserves ergonomic protection and better cutting capability than the normal Coronas offer.

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Skip ‘em. These are reasonably nice cheap pruners because they do have a few higher-end features and replaceable parts, but unfortunately the features they have are not the ones that make pruning fun. And I don’t know why you’d wish to replace parts on a non-fun pair of pruners. A note on Coronas: They’ve recently come out with a line of pruners that seem meant to imitate Felcos in every way – the shiny red handles, very similar styles and features.

If you’ve tried the Felco imitators, let us know how they compare to actual Felcos in the comments. Let’s get right to it – I love my Bahcos. I started with a Felco pruner because as a pro, I care about a clean cut and features that reduce hand and wrist strain, and everyone I trusted told me to choose them.

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He’d been swearing by the brand for years, telling me about the special coating on the blades, the way the metal is forged, and raving about the way they cut. I knew, of course, that I was already using the best with my Felcos, so I didn’t listen to him until I tested that saw.

I bought my first Bahco product the next day and soon was sawing away merrily at all my jobs. My contractor friend, encouraged, bought me a pair of Bahco pruners a couple months later, and even though I loved my Felcos with a passion usually reserved for items involving chocolate, I figured I’d better give those Bahcos a try.

Are Ergonomic Garden Pruners Really Better Than Felco #7 ... Fundamentals Explained

I misplaced my Bahcos once, and pulled out my clean, sharp Felcos to revisit them, feeling happily nostalgic. I was able to prune with them for about fifteen minutes before deciding it wasn’t worth it to go on. I could feel a ker-chunk in my wrists with every cut, and I was struggling to cut medium-sized branches that my Bahcos just breezed through.

They cut thick branches and stems with such ease, and make pruning into the joy that it should be. I would never have tried Bahcos were it not for my friend, because of the amazing reputation Felcos enjoy. And while Felco makes a solid product, I’d really urge you to be open to trying other brands and types of tools, because they aren’t necessarily the best choice for everyone (read more).

How Felco 12 Hand Pruner W/rotating Handle Can Save You Time, Stress, and Money

Bahcos advertise a 3/4” cut, but they actually cut thicker stems than advertised, and easily. The blades are coated with something that makes them non-sticky (Xylan), and they stay sharp and clean much longer than any other brand I have tried - equipment. I sharpen mine about once a week (that’s after about 20 hours of pruning), while my Felcos I was needing to sharpen after 4-8 hours.

PG line is cheapest ($40 or so) because it does not have replaceable parts, but is otherwise similar to the higher-end PX line. I own a pair for employee use and they prune the same as my PX ones – they just might not last as long. PX line is the standard high-quality ergonomic pruner.

I use the PX-M2, the replaceable-part kind (PX) with a medium handle (M) and the medium blade size (2) that most pruners have. PX-R line is the type with rotating handles. I bought a pair of these as a gift for an excellent employee just before pruning season, and got to try them out.

Indicators on Felco #4 Basic Hand Pruner — Gempler's You Should Know

which holds the blades closed when not in use seems to get clogged with grit or sap eventually, and makes them tough to close. I only find this mildly irritating since I wear a leather (Felco) holster on my jeans to put them into between cuts, and the holster keeps them closed for me.

is only found on the cheapest PG line of pruner. Bahcos are my pruner of choice by a wide margin because of how easily and comfortably they make clean, smooth cuts - organic vegetables. From left: Felco 8, Bahco PG-M2, Bahco PX-M2 Felco 8’s lack of ergonomic curve: Bahco PG/ PX line’s angled handle: I hope my experiences with the three major pruning shear brands helps you in making a decision to invest in a pair of quality pruners.

Everyone’s going to have a strong opinion, so take it all into account when you are ready to upgrade, and don’t be shy about exploring new brands – if you find something great, come back here and tell me in the comments! Here are a couple videos to get you started in your research: Bahco pruners – the difference between each style: Fiskars pruners – Monica the Garden Faerie’s pruner of choice: .

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A superbly designed ergonomic bypass Felco pruner for the professional. The Felco 7 has a rotating handle that revolves on its axis, allowing the fingers to move naturally, reducing the blisters and hand fatigue that so often accompany prolonged pruning work. This unique swivel action requires up to thirty percent less effort than conventional models and offers maximum comfort on continuous pruning.

Most of our testing was on standard bypass pruners, but we also tried pruners with rotating handles to reduce fatigue, as well as ratcheting pruners that make large cuts with less force.The Felco 6 model is a smaller version of our top pick. It has the same sharp blades, but with slightly shorter handles (7¼ inches, not 8½), a lighter weight (7.5 ounces, not 8.5), and a smaller blade capacity (0.8 inch, not 1 inch).

The Felco 14 is another smaller tool we’ve tested and found to be as consistently excellent as the other Felco tools we’ve tried over the years.The Tierra Pro 38-1713 7.5″ Bypass Pruning Shears and the Tierra Pro 38-1710 8.5″ Bypass Pruning Shears failed to cut one of the 10 scallion samples, they slightly crushed raspberry canes and dowels, and they needed extra force to close around a ¾-inch buckthorn branch.

The Best Garden Pruners For 2020 - Reviews By Wirecutter Things To Know Before You Buy

Look for the 7.5-inch model first—the 8.5-inch type was similar but felt rougher to close, and it tore some bark from raspberry canes.The Okatsune 101 7-inch Bypass Pruners are a favorite among bonsai enthusiasts. They’re made of “Izumo Yasuki Japanese steel to deliver a Rockwell hardness of 60 +/-1,” which means that they’ll stay sharp longer than pruners with softer steel.

How Felco 7 Ergonomic Revolving Handle Bypass Pruner F7 ... can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.About Felco 7 Ergonomic Revolving Handle Bypass Pruner F7 ...

They cut live branches and dowels perfectly—really, perfectly—with little torn bark and smooth, flat cuts, but they failed to cut through scallions on three out of 10 attempts. They last, too: Owners on BladeForums make comments such as “I have used the same pair of 8" pruners professionally for the last 9 years and they will definitely outlast me.” Wayne Schoech at Stone Lantern said his firm carried replacement Okatsune springs.If you live in the UK, the Burgon & Ball Professional Compact Bypass Secateur GTO/PRL performed almost as well as the Okatsune in testing, though it felt slightly more rough and jangly, and the force of closing the pruners made cut ends go flying.

Essential Tools: Equipment And Supplies For Home Gardeners Things To Know Before You Get This

It tended to crush the dowels, but it did sever them, and it made good, flat cuts in live branches.The Fiskars Quantum Hand Pruner is not made to slice scallions, and it left dangling onion bits on more than half the cuts. The Quantum also cut the ⅜-inch Norway Maple branch unevenly and tore bark (gardening).

In testing, the PowerGear2 tended to crush live branches and dowels slightly, and it required more force to close than other pruners. I needed to reopen and squeeze the PowerGear2 pruners three times to cut through a ¾-inch buckthorn branch. The blades also didn’t close especially smoothly.The Gardena 8757 Classic Vine Bypass Hand Pruner required more force overall to close than other bypass pruners.

There are better options.The Tierra Pro 38-1707 7″ Bypass Pruning Shears cut through scallions only half the time, and could barely cut through a ¾-inch buckthorn branch, leaving cuts with torn bark and an uneven surface.The Corona BP 3350 Bypass Pruner with Adjustable Grip is economical, and you can buy replacement blades.

How Hand Pruners At can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

For $30, the Okatsune 101 is a better deal.The Kenyon Forged Bypass Pruner 41406 did a decent job on scallions and raspberries, but it required more force to cut through wooden dowels and live branches than most other pruners in my sample.The Zavaland Pruning Shears were the only pruners in my sample that were completely incapable of cutting through scallions.

Getting My Felco Model 2 Hand Pruners 1-inch Cutting Capacity ... To WorkNot known Details About Felco 7 Hand Pruner - Gertens

Do yourself a favor and get the ARS HP-VS8Z or Okatsune 101 instead.For a slightly lower price than the Felco 2 pruners, you could get the AM Leonard 1286 Traditional Bypass Pruners—and keep them for the long term, since AM Leonard also sells a replacement-part kit for about $8. AM Leonard pruners are almost as comfortable as the ARS HP-VS8Z, though this model required two hands and force to cut a ¾-inch branch.

The clasp, the handles, and the gear housing are all made of plastic.A rotating handle can reduce hand and wrist fatigue, but it can be awkward and reduce your power per cut. The ARS HP-VS8R Signature Heavy Duty Rotating Handle Hand Pruner resembles the ARS HP-VS8Z but has one handle that swivels on a pin in a 90-degree arc as you close your fingers.

The Of Felco Pruner 7- Rotating Pruner - Kinsman Garden

The rotating sleeve did reduce the amount of power I could put into a cut: I needed to use two hands on the ¾-inch buckthorn to force the blades closed, whereas the non-rotating handle could do it one-handed.The Felco 7 is similar to Felco's other pruners but has a rotating handle coated in a stickier, rubbery material.

In our tests this pair sliced through ¼-inch raspberry canes easily without ratcheting, and it ratcheted through ½-inch dowels and ¾-inch branches with no fuss and little force, but it could barely cut two out of 10 scallion samples. Ultimately, we think the flaws in the construction—riveted connections, plus an anvil-style blade that mashes green stems—overshadow the advantages of the ratcheting mechanism.The Gardener’s Friend Ratchet Hand Pruners were the easiest-cutting ratcheting pruners we tested—and the second most expensive.

The Gardeners’ Friend pair also comes with a little mineral-oil-saturated sponge embedded in the handle for cleaning and oiling the blade, which saves you the bother of getting a rag out.The Corona RP 3230 Ratchet Action Anvil Pruner is an economical choice. It’s lightweight, and it ratchets easily through thick branches, but it can also cut delicate scallion tops.

Not known Details About We Put Hand Pruners To The Test - Chicago Tribune

When I tested the Corona RP 3230 on berry canes, I could not get it to cut ¼-inch canes without engaging the ratchet—and in the time it took to make three ratchets, the canes were well mashed by being held under pressure against the anvil blade.The Flexrake LRB205 Ratchet Anvil Pruner did a mediocre job of cutting scallions, tearing four out of 10, and it could not cut through raspberry canes without engaging the ratchet.

It worked better on dowels and branches, though, cutting the Norway maple and the buckthorn flawlessly.The Gardena 8798-U SmartCut Ratchet Pruner is far more expensive than anything else in the category, mostly because it has an unusual feature: a lever to switch the pruners from plain bypass to ratchet mode.

It failed to cut scallions six out of 10 times. It also crushed the raspberry canes, crushed both dowels, tore off some of the outer layer of the ½-inch dowel, and left strips of wood hanging from the Norway maple cuts.The Flexrake CLA349 Classic 8-Inch Ratchet Pruner required more force to close than any other ratchet pruners when cutting every material except scallions.

The smart Trick of Best Felco 9 Pruners In 2020 Reviews & Guide - That Nobody is Talking About

That final squeeze makes cutting feel somewhat clunky compared with the EZ Kut’s smooth action. The Gardenite also required more ratchets to cut through branches: four to cut the ⅜-inch Norway maple branch, five to get through the ¾-inch buckthorn..

Felco #4 Basic Hand Pruner — Gempler's - The Facts

With a lifetime warranty backing this Felco product, you can prune with confidence knowing that your product is guaranteed and warrantied. Additionally, it uses a unique swivel feature that lets you use up to 30% less effort on pruning. Overall the comfort, ease of use, and incredible sharpness of the blades truly is a testament to Felco’s attention to detail and quality products.

Getting My Felco General-use Pruners - Lee Valley Tools To WorkFelco Products For Sale - Ebay Can Be Fun For Everyone

The handle that is rotating on its axis, allowing the fingers to move naturally, therefore reducing the blisters and hand fatigue. This unique action that swivels up to 30 % less work than conventional models and will be offering maximum convenience on continuous pruning. Both the cutting and anvil blades are not riveted, plus the narrow, pointed blade design permits close pruning.

The packaging is long gone. gardening. I really believe it absolutely was packed in a thermoformed clear plastic front and a cardboard placard back that slipped into the window that is plastic. A notch stamped towards the top of the shear was allowed by the package to hang from the pegboard display.

The Ultimate Guide To Felco Model 7 Hand Pruner - Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

As a licensed arborist with a successful tree care company, I required the product quality that is the highest, most reliable hand pruner on the market. I paid about $45 in 1995, and I used my Felco # 7 at work every single day. It probably made a few hundred thousand cuts–or maybe more.

You’re going to spend additional money when you want quality. I’m a tool-for-life guy, while the Felco pruner I would like to down never. Perhaps probably the most impressive feature for the bypass pruner is the bottom handle that is rotating. Dating back once again to 1966, the design was created for the(arborist that is expert landscaper, or the serious gardener) who makes several hundred cuts a day or 1000s of cuts each week.

It also spreads the force that is cutting by the fingers and increases the cutting force capability by 30%. I used one of Felco’s initial pruners, the number 2 (without a bottom rotating handle), and I can attest that as a professional arborist, the no. 7 provides a lot more experience that is comfortable.

The 25-Second Trick For The 10 Best Pruning Shears - The Architect's Guide

Other pruning shears haven’t provided the comfort level that is the same - gardening. A bottom that is fixed put against a rotating one isn’t bad—it just depends on the number of pruning cuts one makes per day, week, or year. The rotating handle is a game-changer for a specialist who makes a living by pruning.

However, for anybody with hand issues or carpal tunnel syndrome, the #7 Felco pruner will be the tool that is perfect. I also like that most of the pruner components are replaceable through Felco. During the time of writing this review, I’ve maybe not discovered another manufacturer who “knocked-off” the style that provides a rebuild kit that is complete.

The Felco design has a blade that is a unique mechanism that includes a bolt, gear-toothed locking nut, a gear-toothed micro-adjustment lock, and a thumb latch pruner lock. The mechanism allows the operator to” that is “fine-tune cutting quality/performance and keep carefully the pruner locked securely closed when not in usage.

Facts About Classic Felco 2 Pruners — Revealed

Both the cutting and anvil blades aren’t riveted, additionally, the narrow, pointed blade design allows for close pruning. Length 8.25″ Shipping: Available to select countries outside of the United States The best selling pruner on There is little bad to say about this truly unparalleled . It is a bit more expensive than your average hand pruner however when you take into account the lifetime warranty and high quality of this hand pruner then you realize that this model will last you through more than just a few of those other average hand pruners.

Overall this is a truly phenomenal hand pruner – must-have for any gardener! Follow us on: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram .

The Spruce / Sarah Vanbuskirk Oregon may be known for its gray, rainy winters, but come spring and summer, my garden experiences an explosion of green. Shrubs spill out of beds, blackberry brambles invade, hedges swell, too many flowers weigh down their stems, and branches droop as they reach too far for the sun.

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That’s where awesome gardening tools like the FELCO 2 One-Hand Pruning Shear come in. In the late 1940s, FELCO founder Felix Flisch designed the lightweight, precise pruner to replace the bulky, awkward versions then used in the Swiss vineyards near his fledging factory. Since then, it’s become an icon in the industry.

Excitement About Felco Pruner With Rotating Handle Model 7 (F7)

My experience with this pruner has been fantastic. It cuts like a champ through anything up to nearly an inch in diameter. The regular, run-of-the-mill shears I’d used in the past were uncomfortable after prolonged use and often had trouble cutting tougher stems, so my standards were not high. The FELCO model exceeded any expectations with flying colors.

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It cuts like a champ through anything up to nearly an inch in diameter. I found it to be very comfortable to hold, even with lots of repeated use. I had several other adults in my extended family try it out, and they all loved it as well; the common refrain is that it feels good in the hand and also cuts beautifully.

The Spruce / Sarah Vanbuskirk There’s a reason FELCO hasn’t changed the design of this Swiss-made anvil pruner for 50 years: They’re the standard-bearer in the category and a favorite of avid home gardeners and professional landscapers alike. The hardened steel blades are exceptionally well-made and super sharp. A hardened nut and bolt allow for exact, micrometric adjustment of both the cutting and anvil blades. Click here.

How Felco 7 In. Bypass Pruner-f13 - The Home Depot can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

The forged aluminum metal handles have a sophisticated shock absorption system and a non-slip, candy red coating, which makes for a secure, ergonomic grip. I found that both features softened the impact on hands and wrists when cutting through tough, large branches. If you have more petite hands, you’ll want to go with the FELCO 6 model instead.

I have medium-sized hands, so the model I reviewed worked just fine for me. It felt very sturdy and natural in my grip. However, if you have more petite hands, you’ll want to go with the FELCO 6 model instead. Watch out for knockoffs of this product, as there are plenty of counterfeits out there seeking to pass themselves off as the real thing.

The Spruce / Sarah Vanbuskirk This pruner easily wipes clean; a “sap groove” prevents the blade from sticking by removing plant secretions and debris with each cut, a feature that translates into simpler cleanup. The brand recommends cleaning after each use to prevent rusting and help maintain the luster of the blades and handles.

The Ultimate Guide To Felco 7

The pruner can be easily taken apart when needed for deeper cleaning after prolonged use or if debris, sap, or dirt gets between pieces. Visit the website for information on dismantling the pruner (and ordering spare parts) as needed. In terms of maintenance, it’s also advisable to sharpen the blades regularly in order to maintain the best cutting ability.

Other garden shears run the gamut from $15 all the way up to $40 or more, but don’t be fooled into thinking the FELCO is overpriced. This pruner justifies its added cost with impeccable craftsmanship and precision. All the parts of this pruner can be replaced, and it has a one-year warranty but will very likely last much, much longer.

It is a durable, superior product compared with the majority of its competitors and is worth the extra investment - Grow Food Guide. This pruner justifies its added cost with impeccable craftsmanship and precision. There are tons of different options on the market—one of them being the Gonicc 8” Professional Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears(GPPS-1002).

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However, the product costs significantly less, at around $16. The Gonicc model does offer a sharp blade and better quality than most lower-end pruning shears. For those that don’t want to invest an extra $40 or so, the cheaper option may be reasonable (vegetables). Just be warned that your shears will likely not be as long-lasting, tough, comfortable, or precise.

Final Verdict The FELCO 2 One-Hand Pruning Shear is an exceptional, resilient gardening tool that can tackle all your smaller pruning tasks. It features an excellent, durable, adjustable blade that’s built to work hard and last season after season.

The Felco 7 Ergonomic Revolving Handle Pruner is a high performance model specially designed for increased comfort and efficiency. Ergonomic design prevents tendonitis (RSI) and carpel tunnel syndrome, reducing physical effort and increasing comfort and ease of use. Features include lightweight, forged aluminum handles with nonslip coating and lifetime guarantee, hardened steel blade and screw-mounted anvil blade, wire cutting notch for damage free cutting of small wires, sap groove for clean, easy cutting of sticky wood, and micrometric adjustment system for optimal cutting head adjustment.

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Ergonomically designed angled cutting head and shock absorption system reduce risk of injury and further enhance worker comfort and efficiency. All parts can be replaced in this durable, dependable Felco model. Made in Switzerland by Felco. Weight 290g/10.2oz Length 210mm/8.3in Cutting Capacity 25mm/1in Hand Size Large .

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