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What Are The Best Chainsaw Chaps To Buy?

What Are The Best Chainsaw Chaps To Buy?

When using a chainsaw, it should come as no surprise that security is the number one priority. Tragic accidents have happened in the past because of poor security measures, but there are a variety of different ways to make certain you're safe once you use a chainsaw. As an example, chainsaw chaps are getting to be very popular because they are ready to stop a chainsaw if it be struck. This will provide you with an additional layer of security which could potentially save your life if you encounter an accident when using a chainsaw. Even though it is not a replacement for good security practices, it is a very important component for anybody that uses a chainsaw on a regular basis.

But that chainsaw pants should you buy and how much should you expect to pay? In this guide, we are going to talk about five of the best chainsaw chaps you can purchase today so you can remain safe and secure while you work.

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Kinds of Chainsaw Chaps

While searching for chainsaw chaps and pants, it is vital to consider which sort of coverage you will need to protect yourself while operating a chainsaw. Bear in mind that chainsaw chaps are rated for use with gas chainsaws only since chainsaw chaps cannot stop electrical chainsaw blades.

Type A

Sort A chainsaw chaps, also called apron-style chaps, protect only the front of the legs and are made to wear over trousers. This type is acceptable for operating a chainsaw when standing on the ground due to the limited protection.

Form C

Type C chainsaw chaps protect the whole leg and are worn as regular pants without a layer underneath. This sort of chainsaw chap is recommended if operating a chainsaw from a ladder or while in an awkward position because the design offers maximum protection.

The Best Chain Saw Chaps I Recommend: 

Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap

  • 1000 denier polyester with PVC coating with Tek twist protective layers

  • Adjustable waist size to 42 inches. Total length is from the waist to the ankle

  • Felling wedge/gear pocket and acetyl Delran buckles

  • Meets ASTM f1897, ANSI z133.1, And OSHA law 1910-266

  • Ul accredited 

  • Husqvarna 587160702 Chain Saw Chaps Protective Functional Leg Wear

  • 600 denier polyester with PVC coating with Tec twist protective layers.

  • Adjustable Waist size to 38 inches.

  • Protects against chainsaw accidents.
  • Meets ASTM F1897, ANSI Z133.1 and OSHA law 1910-266, UL certified.

  • Felling Wedge pocket and Acetyl Delran buckles. 

  • Forester Durable Chainsaw Safety Chaps with Pocket & Adjustable Belt, Apron Style, UL Certified

    chainsaw chaps price
  • FORESTER CHAINSAW CHAPS are a protective leg garment designed to decrease the risk of severity of harm to body parts covered by pads, if they come in contact with a rotating saw. They're made out of an oil and water resistant Oxford outer.

  • SAFE TO USE - Meets OSHA Regulation 1910-266 for chainsaw operators. UL Tested & Classified Chainsaw Chaps (ASTM F1897). Meets ASTM F1897-2008 39JY standard specifications for leg protection.

  • NEW SUPERIOR 4 PLY LAYER PROTECTION - Much Protection Without the Weight!

  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN - Lightweight, Heavy Duty, Adjustable Waist, Sleek, Pocketed.

  • WARNING - These chaps aren't meant to protection against electric chainsaws on account of the high-torque nature of electrical motors. 

  • Security Regulations & Certifications:

    The chainsaw chaps function as safety gear to wear while using the chainsaws. It has to stick to some regulations and have safety certification. The chainsaw chaps with certificate mean it's tested under different conditions to deliver an extremely safe and secure chainsaw for using a chainsaw.

    Some of the security standards and certificates for chainsaw chaps are UL, OSHA, ASTM, ANSI, and others. Bear in mind that one that is safety tested and certified for its material quality & fitness will protect and save you in a crisis situation, better than chaps that won't provide any safety regulations.

    Protective Layers:

    We came to understand that chainsaw chaps are made with many layers of protective cloth to offer security (shield the legs) & durability. Have a look at them.

    Primary Fabric -- One must use chainsaw chaps made out of powerful fabrics to withstand the challenging environment. If not, it might wear out easily and you need to replace it by spending additional cash. So, the majority of the manufacturers using the toughest fabrics such as denier polyester and demanding nylon-based substance to generate the chaps.

    Protective Fibers -- The chaps should not shield against chainsaw cutting but many layers of protective fibers will jam and slow down the rotation of chainsaw mill. So, these protective fibers created with heavy duty substances like ballistic grade nylon, Kevlar, & Avertic.

    Outer Coating -- Many of the chaps include PVC coating on the exterior. This is due to several reasons like PVC will create the chaps slightly slippery, and thereby the saw blade will easily capture the outer material. Therefore, it prevents any accidental injuries. PVC coating creates chaps water and stain-resistant.

    Buckles & Straps -- No matter what material you are using for your chainsaw chap unless and until they remain securely in place. For this, you must acquire quality straps and buckles to keep the chap stay right over the area to protect. Most straps are made out of material like spandex, which stretches and won't crack easily. Whereas the buckles are made out of heavy-duty polymer plastic or acetyl Delran.

    Fitting Type / Layout:

    The matching of chaps is vital to consider for its appropriate usage when sawing. Although there are various sorts of fitting styles available whilst searching for these chaps, just two are most popular among them -- Apron Style & Wrap Around Style.

    Apron Style:

    According to statistics, most chainsaw accidents are happening to front of the user's leg.

    Thus, to resolve this matter and protect the consumer, the manufacturer designed the security chaps in apron style.

    They're lighter and thus allows the user to have more freedom of movement than the wrap-around style.

    The downside of this style is they won't protect the trunk or backside of the legs. It won't allow the consumer's leg breathe comfortably and does not have more custom fit like wrap-around chaps have.

    Wrap-Around Style:

    Trying to find security chaps that protect the entire leg when operating a chainsaw. Then you'll surely go with a set of wrap-around style chaps.

    They're designed to protect the entire leg, except for a tiny part at the back of each leg.

    The drawback of sporting this kind of security chaps is that they are thicker and contains cumbersome to work compared to apron-style chaps. They also cause a good deal of sweat in their legs when they wear.

    They remain in a place better than apron style.


    One must feel comfortable and secure when wearing the chainsaw chaps, to have a peace of mind when working. The majority of the chaps provide waist protection from 28 -- 44 inches. Simply, gauge the length of the legs from waist to feet to correctly cover the body. Wearing any wrong size will surely leave the body parts uncovered and might find any accidental injuries.

    So, one needs to purchase the right size of chainsaw chaps while working with chainsaws. Additionally, wear some durable garments like jeans or other protective pants under the chaps for additional protection of legs and be certain that you shut the straps correctly or else it might be stuck at the saw and also cause a good deal of issues.


    The building material used to create the chainsaw chaps will determine its safety and comfort. Additionally, it needs to be made out of durable and high quality material, including a center with more layers for extra protection. The comfy chaps include softer inner linings with an ergonomic shape.

    Check whether the chaps you are wearing are appropriate to use with electric chainsaws or gas, to avoid any injuries. We discussed some different materials used for chainsaw chaps.

    Kevlar -- It's a more powerful, lightweight, thinner, and heat-resistant fiber, which was designed in 1965. Used as a substitute for steel in racing tires but now widely utilized in clothes like chainsaw chaps more commonly than conventional chap material.

    PVC -- it's a synthetic plastic coating which enables the chap to repel oil and water. It can be very handy when working outside with the chainsaw.

    Nylon -- This synthetic polymer is flexible and pliable, making it easy to wrap around the drive sprocket. Thereby stop the chainsaw from running and keep you safe.

    Polyester -- it's a chemical-derived substance made from air, oil, and water. It makes the fiber used for chainsaw pants or chaps as short/long as you can. Exactly like nylon, it's used to wrap around the drive sprocket to avoid the chainsaw from running.

    Tek Warp -- it's a protective substance with cut-retardant property, so it will not be sliced by the blade. Additionally, it's designed to pull apart to clog the sprocket system of a chainsaw.

    Material Thickness:

    In regards to the depth of the material used for chainsaw chap, one needs to think about the layers of cloth used for making chaps. The more the fabric layers, the more you'll get security and protection. Generally speaking, chaps with more layers means using a high prospect of jamming the chainsaw mechanism.

    This Denier is a unit of measurement used to specify how thick individual fiber threads when cloths and fabrics are formed. So, by depending on several different brands of chainsaw chaps and pants, you can have between 400 -- 1000 deniers.

    Machine Compatibility:

    There are mainly two kinds of chainsaws on the market and be certain that your chaps should be compatible with them. Whether you have an electric chainsaw or a gas-powered one, which not just differs in their power source but also in cutting or functioning mechanism.

    So, you must acquire compatible chainsaw chaps, or else it will not work efficiently and might injure the user. As an example, if you are using chaps made for an electric chainsaw and using it to get a gas-powered chainsaw then it'll cut through the chaps easily. So, get the best chainsaw chaps or pants, which can be created specifically for a specific sort of chainsaw but won't take any danger or chances.

    Chainsaw Chaps Price:

    The purchase price of those chainsaw chaps will vary between $40 -- $300, by depending on their attributes, manufacturer, type of substance used, & its dimensions. So, pick the chainsaw chaps after assessing various best products and find the one which comes in your budget. Additionally, you need to check the warranty given by the manufacturer for the specific merchandise to ensure it is a quality buy.

    Common Questions:

    Q. How can chainsaw chaps protect you from a chainsaw?

    When a chainsaw blade comes into contact with your leg, then the heavy material will withstand cutting. If the blade breach the trousers' outer coating, it is going to employ a Kevlar or ballistic nylon center, which will shred and immediately clog the drive gears, stopping the chainsaw until it reaches your leg.

    Q. What are chainsaw chaps made of?

    Chainsaw chaps are made from a rugged shell of denier polyester typically treated using a water-resistant coating. This shell covers a core composed of ballistic nylon Kevlar, or Tek warp.

    Q. What's the difference between Type A and Type C chainsaw pants?

    Type A chainsaw pants cover just the front of your thighs and match standard work pants. Type C pants function as complete pants, shield the bottoms and backs of your thighs, and do not need an underneath layer.

    Q. How do you quantify for chainsaw chaps?

    Proper sizing is dependent upon the manufacturer. Though some manufacturers offer inseam sizes, others require that you measure from the waist to the top of your feet. Most chainsaw chaps feature adjustable waist straps which accommodate an assortment of waist measurements.

    Q. Can you wash chainsaw chaps?

    Some chainsaw chaps must be hand-washed to reduce damage to their protective substances. Others permit you to run them through the washing machine. Check with the manufacturer's care instructions for details about how best to take care of your chainsaw chaps.

    Q. Can you wear trousers under chainsaw pants?

    You don't have to wear trousers under chainsaw pants. Since chainsaw pants are often quite hot because of their multilayer layout, you may not want to put in a layer under these trousers.

    Q. What should you use when using a chainsaw?

    Along with chainsaw pants or chaps, you need to wear other protective gear, such as a helmet with a face guard to protect you from kickbacks and projectiles, in addition to chainsaw protection goggles and hearing protection.


    As we conclude this ideal chainsaw chaps review, we would love to state that, for somebody who works with a chainsaw on a regular basis, chainsaw chaps are vitally important.

    You could be part of a high-end logging company or might have a consignment store, the use of the product is very important.

    Although being cautious is the best way to be safe when operating a chainsaw, with these wrapped around your legs, you get another layer of security for your legs.

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