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EcoQube C Aquaponics Aquarium Review

EcoQube C Aquaponics Aquarium Review

EcoQube C Aquarium is a vibrant and elegant aquarium that can lighten up any home décor. The aquarium has a sleek design and comes in a desktop size. The aquarium provides the perfect environment for the fishes and keeps them healthy and happy. It is low maintenance, and you do not have to make any extra efforts to clean or maintain it.

It comes equipped with an aquaponics filter that helps to keep the water and environment of the aquarium clean for the fishes. You do not have to change the filter ever because it is durable. It made up of sturdy material. It can help to save you time and money. You do not have to spend extra time and money to replace the filters or maintain the aquarium.

The LED light that is ultra-thin provides an elegant and bright light spectrum to the aquarium that imitates a natural environment. You can program the spectrum and pattern of colors according to your preference as well. Let us take a look at the essential features of the product.

System Pros And Cons 

Here are the main system advantages and disadvantages


  • The water usage and its requirement are minimal.
  • Change water in more extended timeframes.
  • Remote control LED light, which works well.
  • Easy to install and cost-effective too.


  • The designs should have been more innovative.
  • The self-cleaning system of this aquarium could have been better.

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A Perfect Aquaponics Aquarium?

EcoQube C aquarium is a perfect home for your precious fishes and can give them a natural and healthy environment. A self-cleaning system built within the system, and you do not have to change the filter or maintain the aquarium. The aquarium is elegant and classy looking, and you now have the opportunity to bring it to your home because it is now available in the market. 

The aquarium uses natural plants to keep the water clean, preventing you from getting involved in cleaning the aquarium all the time. The device is portable and built from sturdy material that makes it durable and robust. Once you have invested in the product, you know that it lasts for a long time. Your precious and lovely fishes stay happy and contended inside their small home.

What Is a Self-Cleaning System?

The self-cleaning system can provide a clean and serene environment for the marine creatures. Keeping fishes in an aquarium is a common hobby possessed by many people. Keeping the aquarium maintained well, and cleaning it from time to time can be laborious. The self-cleaning tank can clean itself on its own and promotes a healthy life of the aquatic beings placed inside. The oxygen filter may not be sufficient to keep the fishes alive for a long time. 

The dirt and dust accumulate inside the aquarium with time, and the fishes end up getting ailments of various kinds. They end up dying due to these ailments. If you have an EcoQube C aquarium, you can keep the fishes alive and healthy for a long time. You will not have to strain yourself, and the fishes would also be glad to have found their home in the EcoQube C aquarium.

Why is EcoQube C Aquarium So Beneficial?

One of the primary reasons why most people avoid keeping fishes is that keeping and maintaining an aquarium can cost them much money. Fish tank cleaning is a challenging and tough task that can take at least 20 to 30 minutes of your day. If you plan to hire aquarium services, then be prepared that it is going to cost you quite a lot of money. For small fish aquariums, you should not hire aquarium services because that will be a waste of time. 

The EcoQube C aquarium has brought a new revolution in the fish aquarium market. The scientific makeover of the aquarium has made the product popular with fish aquarium lovers. The aquarium is also available in different sizes. It can fit any home décor, and you can choose the size that would be preferable for your home. The product manufactured with a unique and functional design that enhance the interiors of your home. If you are looking for an aquarium that can keep your kids busy, then this one is perfect for you. 

It comes with lots of accessories that can help you to use the fish aquarium with efficiency. The maintenance cost for maintaining the aquarium tank is meager, and it can be surprising for people who use traditional fish aquariums. Every day the aquarium buyers are buying EcoQube C aquarium due to its high functionality and low maintenance. 

Aquaponics System That Is Suitable For All Kinds of Fish

Fragile fishes face quite a difficulty in standard aquariums. The best thing about EcoQube C Aquarium is that it can provide prolonged survival to them. The most delicate fishes happen to be tuna and beta fishes. Most of the fishes which stay in tropical or freshwater are also fragile and cannot survive in standard aquariums. You have to provide these fishes in an excellent environment. They need special care, so their gills are protected.

If you are buying an EcoQube C aquaponics Aquarium, which is 2.5 in gallons, it is better to choose for beta fishes. One of the most exciting features of this aquarium is that it has a separate UV sterilizer. The sterilizer makes sure that enough protection is given to the fishes swimming inside. 

The tank of the aquarium remains clean and tidy, providing an excellent environment for the fishes. It has a particular Aquaponics system that separates the soil from the necessary nutrients inside the water. Not only the fishes but even the plants, weeds, and other beings get a clean and neat environment. You do not need to change the filters of the tank frequently. The automatic Aquaponics system performs the cleaning work itself and saves your time.

Key Features

  • EcoQube C aquarium aquaponics uses a unique aquaponics filter, and you do not have to clean or replace the filter
  • Ultra-thin LED light with a broad light spectrum
  • The remote control that can control the Ultra LED light
  • The LED light comes with an auto-control function
  • Imitates natural colors of lights and helps to create a natural 
  • Friendly environment for fishes
  • 90 percent less water and energy consumption as compared to traditional aquariums
  • Comes with many accessories
  • A self-cleaning ecosystem perfect for your fishes

EcoQube C Aquarium With UV LED

How to Place EcoQube C Aquarium?

  • The location of the tank should be suitable. It should place according to your home stricter.
  • The surface where it has to placed should be durable.
  • Choosing the corner of the room is a safer idea. It will provide fish tank protection from breakage.
  • The base should fit accurately through the tension cups.
  • The aquarium has to be placed with a good strategy.
  • You should have ample space for the arrangement of power points.
  • You should choose the EcoQube C aquarium according to the size and space in the room.

Are There Any Precautions Needed?

EcoQube C Aquarium is a much better choice as compared to other aquariums. However, you need to be careful about certain things;

  • Direct sunlight falling on the aquarium might produce algae in the water. It means cleaning required very often.
  • You need LED lights as well as healer fitted inside to get a better view of fishes.
  • The aquarium does not provide any guarantee for basil plants.
  • You should expect fast growth for everything in this environment.
  • Sometimes seeds do not fertilize enough and germinate the plant growth.


If you are planning to purchase the best EcoQube C aquaponics aquarium, consider the following factors.


The aquarium happens to be a living place for the fishes. Please choose a big size so they can move and breathe easily. There are some individual fishes like goldfish that require more space. You have to keep the requirement of the fishes in mind before selecting the size.


The fish tank should be rectangular as they happen to the largest than the others. You need to give the water the right amount of oxygen and a good surface. Avoid buying tanks that are curved or bowl-shaped.


Most of the fish tanks are either made with Glass or acrylic. Glass does not get scratched quickly. It does not discolor and is a cheaper choice than acrylic. Acrylic fish tanks are lighter in size. They can handle up to 100 gallons efficiently.

Filtration System

The aquarium needs to have a basic filtration system. It saves you time and effort as you won’t require to clean it regularly. The in-built filter helps clean the water naturally.


You can find the fish aquariums in different price ranges. The most current price which offers in the market is in the $100 range which is a fair price for what you get. The bigger fish tanks are generally expensive compared to the smaller ones. It depends on what can suit your needs in a better way.

However, you should not go with every plant to grow in your Eco-Cycle indoor aquaponics system. There should be specific water temperature, PH range, and light conditions. Also, read through the basic requirement of each plant you are going to plant in your system.

Every plant would require a specific environment, see if they are nutrients hungry or not, and what conditions they would need to thrive. 

As long as the height is concerned, you have clearance up to 13-inches. Look for the plants that do not grow more than the mentioned height. 

Are there any disadvantages?

If you are more after growing a large variety of plants at once, this could lead to more disadvantages than advantages. As too many plants will overcrowd the water, and the filtering system of the garden may tank. 

Moreover, the more plants you have, the more lights you will require, which can be a difficult task to achieve. The system includes a lighting sport above the garden, and with too many plants to grow, there would a light pouring on small fish babies. If fish are getting adverse effects due to overcrowded plants, their performance will be affected, and in the end, the whole mechanism will have the adverse impact of this overcrowdedness. 


To get the best of your EcoLife Eco-cycle aquaponics kit, you need to keep your fish and plants in healthy condition. There are a few factors you need to put into serious consideration while using an indoor aquaponics system to grow your favorite plants. 


EcoQube C Aquarium happens to be an excellent choice for almost every buyer. It almost all-in-one package. You can satisfy your fish, keeping hobby most economically. The aquarium holds enough capacity to suit your and your fish’s needs.

EcoQube C Aquarium With UV LED

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