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Back to the Roots Aquafarm Water Garden Review

Back To The Roots Aquafarm Water Garden Review

Are you interested in aquaponics and also want to have fish? But you don't have enough space to keep both two together. The Best Back to the Roots Water Garden is a great choice for you.

This article will cover its pros and cons and help better understand the reasons of why it is a very popular system.

This mini Mini-Aquaponic Ecosystem is a unique small fish tank that is a house of 1 to 2 smaller fish and having a plant or herb garden on the top of the tank. The self-cleaning fish tank offers a unique and quiet concept to grow indoor plant food. In this Back to the Roots Water Garden Review, we will show you how this tank actually amazing and best for your home, office, and kitchen decoration.

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is an old and sustainable farming method that is developed by the Aztecs. It uses 90% less water than traditional farming methods, and in a symbiotic environment, it combines with hydroponics and aquaculture. The water of the fish tank is pumped from where beneficial bacteria growing that convert the ammonia-rich waste around the plant roots from your fish into nitrites and then nitrates. These nitrates are best for the growth of the plants and help to grow them within a few days.

Back to The Roots Aquaponics Kit And Specifications

The Best back to the roots water garden is the latest fish tank that has introduced an aquaponics technique to raise plants and fishes together. The water garden is a self-cleaning small size fish tank aquarium that creates a mini home ecosystem and grows organic microgreens on the top of the tank. Its self-cleaning system works perfectly, the fish waste fertilizes the plants, and plants help to clean the water for fishes. The water garden is a great choice for those who are passionate about indoor gardening.

System Specifications

  • Manufacturer by Back to the Roots
  • Deluxe Style water garden
  • 13.40 x 13.40 x 9.50 inches dimensions
  • Made of plastic
  • Plants ready to harvest in 10 days
  • 3-gallon water capacity
  • Back to the Roots Water Garden Price


    The design of the water garden fish tank is very innovative and made of high-quality plastic material. The design of the tank gives an idea to grow food plants in your home kitchen within a few days. The tank is quite durable that add some colors and life to any space such as home and office.

    Size of The System

    The Back to the Roots Water Garden Kit is a 3 gallons aquarium fish tank. This size of the tank is best for 2 to 3 fishes; however, if you are looking for a portable size fish tank, then the water garden fish tank is a great choice for you that easily fit any place such as an office desk, bookshelf, and a nightstand too. This small water garden fish tank is best for those who want to keep both fish and plants together but want to keep it small.

    Aquaponics Features

    The water garden fish tank by Back to the Roots comes with many features such as it has a self-cleaning quality that makes it best than other products. The fishbowl and double-decker combination of the garden provides a symbiotic ecosystem. The water purifies features to create a healthy, happy environment for a beta fish. Moreover, it required less cleaning works and maintenance compared to other traditional small size fish tanks.

    Plant Growth

    The water garden fish tank provides a clean part on the top of the tank where you grow your little micro garden. A fish tank garden is a great and really amazing option if you like growing herbs at home. For starting, you need some micro-greens and wheatgrass seeds or other herbs which you like, for example, basil.

    The lid or a tray of the tank is easy to remove. It helps to maintenance and cleaning of the tank is fairly easy. However, it does a little bit difficult to remove the lid when feeding fishes, but it's not the very tough or worst thing in the world, you can do it with a little bit try. The included plant pods will start the nitrogen cycle that very helpful to clean water in the tank.


    The best thing about the Back to the Roots Water Garden kit is that it not requires any type of filtration, and nor do the plants above need fertilizer. If you have 1 or 2 fishes in the tank, the waste of fishes is more than enough to keep the plants alive and active.

    As similarly, the plants on the top of the fish tank should be enough that filter the water of the tank efficiently. The plants are working as a filtration unit and very helpful to pull pollutants and chemicals out of the water.

    The important thing that should be clear in mind is that plants on the top of the water garden fish tank do not remove any kind of solid debris, but they work effectively as chemical and biological filtration filters.

    The water garden fish tank does not have enough filtration capacity to filter large or medium bioload. Moreover, you will need to bust out the net to remover the fish waste (solid debris) regularly. In short, there is a small pump that pulls water from the plants.

    How Does Back to The Roots Water Garden Work?

    The self-cleaning Water Garden fish tank is an extremely efficient Aquaponic Ecosystem. The mini aquaponic tank is a great closed-loop ecosystem in which plants on the top of the tank filter and clean the water of tank and betta fish waste fertilizes the plants.

    The wheatgrass and lettuce very speedy grow like weeds, although wheatgrass requires little nutrition to thrive; otherwise, this water garden is perfect for growing it. The lettuce takes a bit longer time to grow, but it will ready to harvest approximately in 1 month.

    Cleaning & Maintenance of This Aquaponics System

    Cleaning and maintenance of the water garden fish tank are very necessary. Few maintenances are really important to keep your water garden safe and healthy for your fish. Feed your fish 4 to 5 pellets of food every day through the feeding hole. Maintain water level in a fish tank because plants soak up some water of the fish tank, that's why every week add fresh water in the tank and maintain the level within ~1" of the bottom of the grow bed. Remember that before pouring water into the tank, add dechlorinator or betta bowl plus.

    Clean water tank properly each month because with plant residue and excess nutrients pump can get clogged, so unplug the pump body and rinse, to maintain water flow and clean buildup clip it underwater.

    The water garden fish tank has its own biological self-cleaning filtration system that clean water effectively. Therefore, unlike another typical fish tank, you do not need to clean it regularly so, to make a healthy and happy fish tank, clean it every 6 to 8 months.

    If you want to keep water garden sanitize, then make a mixture of warm water and pure white vinegar. This mixture safely cleans a fish tank without any chemical. However, many other non-toxic solutions available in the local pet stores where you can buy. Must remember that during cleaning, not use any soap on any tank accessories or components because of soap may be harmful to betta fish.

    Why Back to the Roots Water Garden?

    The Water Garden by the Back to the Roots is the best choice for those who are looking for the small size Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem, which saves money, space, and time. The below we discuss a few points that show why you should buy a self-cleaning water garden.

    • Budget

    When it comes to buying a water garden fish tank, it fits perfectly into everyone's budget. The price of the fish tank is reasonable, which everyone can easily buy. Moreover, the best thing is that it comes with all the necessary things, so there is no need to buy accessories separately.

    • Space

    The size of the tank is not very big or small; its perfect size easily fits anywhere in the home or office. The 3-gallon water fish tank looks beautiful and attractive that is perfect fits in your bookshelf, table desk, kitchen shelf, and many others.

    • Accessories

    The mini water garden fish tank comes with everything you need to get started, so you do not need to buy accessories as separately. When you buy the best water garden fish tank, you will receive in the package for system 3-gallon tank, grow bed, a bag of gravel, and a submersible water pump. Not enough here, for plant supplies, the water garden comes with 5 plant pots, a bag of growing stone, and organic seed packs (Wheatgrass, Basil). Moreover, Bottle of D-Klor, Pouch of Tidy Tank, and Bottle of Zym Bac for water supplies, it will also come with fish supplies including a pouch of fish prep, betta fish coupon, and bag of fish food.

    What Fish is Best for Back to the Roots Water Garden

    Due to a mini Aquaponic Ecosystem and 3-gallon water capacity, a Betta fish is a great choice for Back to the Roots Water Garden fish tank. Another name of the betta fish is Siamese fighting fish, which is famous for freshwater choice for fish tank aquarium. It has beautiful, attractive colors and moves slowly that makes the attraction of everyone.

    Betta fish are known as territorial and aggressive nature fish because they act as very rude behave to other fishes, especially males. However, if a betta fish is peaceful, then they can be kept with other fish species like Guppies in a large tank. Moreover, Betta fishes are perfect for the water garden fish tank because they feel happy and healthy in this tank. But Betta as a territorial fighting fish, that's why avoid placing two fish in your water garden fish tank.

    Fish Care

    For Betta fish care, it's necessary to maintain a fish tank temperature. Betta fish keep happy and healthy at the temperature of between 75-82 °F (24-28 °C). Moreover, add a small heater to your water garden fish tank to keep Betta healthy and active.

    For an aquaponics system, the ideal pH range is 6.0-7.0. Plants grow best in a 5.5-6.5 slightly acidic environment and fish like a 6.0 slightly alkaline environment. Make sure your water pH is not extremely low or high, and avoid using solvable to adjust the pH and put filter freshwater when cleaning it. Now talk about the food of the betta fish, feed 4 to 5 pellets of food per day. Provide food at the right time is necessary for the health of the fish.

    System Pros And Cons 

    Here are the main system advantages and disadvantages


    • Create a mini-ecosystem in your home
    • Self-cleaning and less maintenance
    • Fair price for what you get
    • Educational and fun
    • Unique design to grows plants
    • Durable and good looking
    • Does not require a filter
    • Easy to set up


    • For few people, the pump the pump had to be replaced after a while. (I read in few of its reviews)
    • Feeding fish is a little bit difficult


    So, experience this self-cleaning magic of aquaponics and grow foods on the top of the tank. Within the 2 weeks of growing the radish seeds and wheatgrass, you will be able to harvesting fresh green, which you can enjoy with salads, soups, and sandwiches. This water garden is clean, looks nice, attractive, and a great decoration for home, kitchen, and office. Its overall price is descent and overall seems to be a great buy.

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    Back to the Roots Water Garden Price

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    Robert Davis

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